More Projects – More Requests – More Fun!

So that title is a bit lame, I know.  But there have been more and more conversations with similar minded collectors locally, on facebook groups and on twitter which has led to more and more momentum on the original 1987 Topps and Topps Traded projects.  Those have now blossomed (probably well too far for me to manage) and I now find myself sending out requests on 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989 and 1991 Topps along with 1987 and 1988 Fleer – along with anything else my little fluttering heart feels submission worthy at any given time.

There will certainly be a slow-down here over the next month as work is ramping up pretty hard but the submissions have headed out of here fast and furious for the last couple of weeks and I find myself putting together a quick letter whenever I have a spare five minutes of the course of the day or I am sitting on conference calls.  I expect there to be continued returns over the coming weeks…well I hope there are anyway.

A bit backwards today, posting starts from today’s returns and will work back toward my last post a week ago.

exquisite 10001

Bill Bene 1989 Topps #84 1/1 in 15 days – if my count is correct, and I believe that it is, Bene is the 85th return I have had for the ’89 Topps set.  Always nice to pick up the “unique” cards in any set so I love seeing the #1 Draft Pick in the corner here.


exquisite 10002

Rich Gedman 2/2 in 17 days with “2x AL All Star” inscription – there is a lot about this return that made me smile.  As a kid I was a huge BoSox fan (yeah, I know – but I was one of the kids who literally cried himself to sleep in ’86 – had to jump off the bandwagon after the two WS wins, fandom got a little out of hand) and Gedman was one of my favorites.  This is also the third attempt I have made to get his auto and failed on both of the other tries.  Try, try again as they say.  And I love the inscription here – I need more inscriptions – those things are addictive!  Thank you Mr Gedman!


exquisite 10003

1987 Topps #411 Darnell Coles and #251 Rob Wilfong – thank you for a great member on a facebook group for trading me these two needs.  I haven’t been very active on facebook and now realize that I need to spend some more time there.  I would post his name here as a thank you as well but he better give me permission first.  Hopefully we have a lot more trades moving forward (if you see this, I have sent out a number of your 88T needs!).  What a great community and gets back to my “Fun” comment in the title – it’s great to chat with folks with similar but different goals from all over the place.



Don August 2/2 in 8 days – absolutely love these 1985 Topps Team USA cards, I only wish there were more of them that actually signed.  Will have to see what I can do about acquiring more of those as well as the other Olympic cards that are out there (1988 Topps Traded for sure – probably others).


Dunston, Shawon 2

Shawon Dunston 3/2 in 14 days – as a kid in the midwest and before the lights at Wrigley, there were many an afternoon spent watching the Cubbies on WGN.  Awesome to watch them play and even better to listen to Harry Carey get hammered over the course of a broadcast, though we would have had not idea that was happening at the time.  The 1985 #1 Draft Pick is another one of those “subsets” that are really appealing and it’s always a nice surprise to get three cards back when you only send in two.  Thank you Mr Dunston!


Wills, Maury

Maury Wills 2/2 in 21 days – really, what can I say here.  “One of my favorites” is a line that gets used far too frequently over the course of this project but this one would certainly fall in that class as well.  Thought it was a bit of a pipe dream but wrote Mr Wills a letter and sent off a check, three weeks later and I have two fantastic TTM additions and a very classy note.  He will certainly be getting a thank you card back from me!



Doug Drabek 3/3 in 11 days with “My Best” inscription – I think this is my second return from Mr Drabek.  In my experience he has always been quick to respond and his signature always looks top notch – as you can see a couple of my secondary projects in 1988 Fleer, 1989 Topps and 1991 Topps.  Thank you Mr Drabek!


What follows is another lot purchase from DJ down at DJ Sportscards in Renton.  Always a good guy to chat with and fair with his pricing.  Ended up buying a 1984 Topps set as well so the mailbox has been stuffed with those things headed out of here over the last 48 hours or so.  My first ever set, excited to put some more time into that one!



1986 Topps Lot – mainly picked these up for traders but I do have an ’86 Topps set lying around here somewhere so who knows if that will find it’s way on the project list.  I just find that a lot of these cards are pretty dark and make seeing the auto pretty tough.

  • #448 Herm Winningham
  • #181 Al Nipper
  • #192 Milt Wilcox
  • #356 Mickey Hatcher
  • #214 Randy Bush
  • #226 Lee Lacy
  • #681 Dick Williams (deceased)



  • 1983 Topps #409 Marvis Foley (set side project)
  • 1987 Donruss Opening Day #137 Ray Knight (did you know his middle name is Charles?  Ray Charles…Knight – I found that kind of funny)
  • 1987 Donruss Opening Day #199 Steve Balboni
  • 1989 Fleer #428 Darrin Jackson
  • 1985 Donruss #62 Dave Parker
  • 1988 Fleer #101 Matt Williams (set side project)



  • 1991 Upper Deck #593 Omar Vizquel (Mariners project)
  • 2012 Bowman DP&P #BDPP25 Mike Zunino (Mariners project)
  • 1987 Donruss #610 Dave Valle (Mariners project)
  • 1987 Topps #508 Jim Beattie (double – available)
  • 1987 Topps #45 Jim Presley
  • 1987 Topps #117 Scott Bankhead


Odometer for each set as follows:

  • 1987 Topps and Topps Traded – 599 (who’s going to be #600?)
  • 1983 Topps – 5 (just starting on this one)
  • 1984 Topps – 53 (dozens have gone out over the last couple of days)
  • 1985 Topps – 82
  • 1987 Fleer – 8 (this one is still kind of an afterthought)
  • 1988 Fleer – 119 (pretty good for always being a throw in)
  • 1989 Topps – 85 (and a lot more to come here I am sure)
  • 1991 Topps – 28


Thanks for checking in – hope you all have full mailboxes out there!


Couple LCS Pickups and a decent Mailbox

DJ Sportscards in Renton is the fairest sports card dealer I have likely ever dealt with.  A buddy of mine had a card shop when I lived in Billings, MT who will forever be my favorite but that card shop no longer exists and I no longer live there so my money now will always start with DJ.  Thank you for always being up front an honest with all of our dealings!

DJ is always getting in collections and always offers fair prices to those selling.  There are a few duds in the TTM/IP bunch from time to time (you will see below) but he is always honest about what he knows and prices accordingly.  As such, I took a swing and a miss at a couple but happy to do the research and dispose of the junk for the price of admission.

Pickups from the first batch earlier this week as follows:

exquisite 10001

1985 Topps Project – Glenn Hoffman, Scott McGregor, Dave Steib and Jaime Cocanower – leaving out the Reggie as it is a bit off and may be one that should be pitched.

1988 Fleer – Luis Polonia.  Added the Higuera as I know he is a tougher signer these days even though I am not working on this subset – good thing as this crappy forgery is headed for recycling.

1989 Topps – Luis Polonia – he does sign through PastPros and I will be sending some business his way but happy to scratch this one and the 1988 Fleer off the needs list.


exquisite 10002

Smaller Projects 1983 and 1984 Topps – Sharp looking Willie Upshaw and a double up with Mario Ramirez.

PC Stuff – Buhner gets added to the Mariners PC while I like the Crawford as it mimics the 1988 Fleer set.  Molitor is always a keeper – I’m a midwest guy so those tied to the Twins will always have a soft spot in my heard.  Bobby Bo – not sure why I like this one so much, hat the set and not a fan of the player but I don’t have one so happy to add it.

Traders – Glenn Davis is already on the way out and Ozzie Virgil.  Grabbed both as I know they are a bit tougher grabs these days and both are from fairly desirable sets.  Virgil can be had for a 1987 Topps Virgil for sure.


exquisite 10003

PC Stuff – Sexson had a few cups of coffee with the Mariners so I will likely hang onto that one.  Jack Morris had one of the best World Series games in history with the Twins, just wish it were at Twins card (or the 1987 Topps card), and Travis Hafner – one of North Dakota’s finest!

Traders – Carney Lansford is always a good addition as is Lloyd Moseby – took a swing on a 3-0 pitch with the Winfield but it appears I popped up on the infield.  A little more research needed but that one could be headed to the recycle bin as well.


Mailbox additions!

exquisite 10006

Billy Spiers 3/3 in 39 days – Billy has always been a great return and a guy with a sharp looking auto – really love it.  Three sets that I am actively working on so happy to get them – 1989 Topps, 1990 UD and 1991 Toops.



Bob Horner 3/3 in eight days – typical to my planning and organization skills, I picked up another 1987 Topps in a deal a few days before getting this.  Oh well, happy to add the 1984 Topps, the #1 Draft Pick from 1985 Topps and my own success from 1987 Topps anyway.  Small fee/donation was paid direct to Mr Horner.


Greg Mathews 0/3 – swing and a miss here.  I have gotten Mathews before but this one came back with all three cards unsigned.  Maybe I misspelled his name or he just didn’t like my letter – bummer.



Doug Jennings 1/1 in 20 days – 1989 Topps pickup.  Huge auto but it actually fits on the card quite well and doesn’t take anything away from the look – really like it.



Leon Roberts 2/2 in 14 days – just picked up another 1984 set at DJs.  I really need to start working on that one a bit more.  Probably my favorite set of all time.


Hall, Albert

Albert Hall 2/2 in nine days – another organizational mistake here as I already have the 1985.  Happy to add the 1989 but no sense in sending a great signer extra cards – my bad Mr Hall but it is appreciated!


Robinson, Brooks

Brooks Robinson 2/2 plus the HOF post card in ten days – he charges a ridiculously small fee for signing.  I sent him a little extra as I am know he is well worth it – signed two Topps Archives cards for me and included the HOF Postcard as well.  HOF 1983 inscription included – easily one of my favorites!  Here’s to you, Mr Robinson!



Steve Balboni 1/1 in 14 days – he only signs one per request but they always look great and he always turns them around quickly.  Again this 1984 set is looking great – love it!


Williams, Jimy

Jimy Williams 2/2 in eight days – another fantastic signer and another beautiful looking signature.  Thank you Mr Williams!


John Kruk 0/2 – Phillies sent back both cards and my unused return envelope which was nice.  Got their little team package and a note stating they would not be passing along my request to Mr Kruk.  Bummer.


exquisite 10007

Jim Acker 3/3 in 12 days – got a RTS from him the week prior, repackaged and sent to new address and turned around quickly.  Great looking cards from three sets I am working on.  Beautiful!


exquisite 10004

Cliff Johnson 2/2 in 12 days – sent a small fee to Mr Johnson with my request, he turned around in under two weeks and they look great.  1985 Topps got smeared a bit at the end but nothing too bad – happy to slide it in the binder.


exquisite 10005

Doug Drabek 3/3 in 11 days – inscribed all three with “My Best!” and all three look great.  For some reason the 1989 didn’t hold the ink as well as it looks a little bit broken (card issue not signing issue) but very happy to get these three from Mr Drabek!


exquisite 10008

Jimmy Key 1/1 in 11 days – Mr Key only signs one card per request but they always look great.  I have sent him a couple times and do not bother with additional cards as the turnaround is fast and he seems to always take care in where/how he signs on the card.  Very much appreciate the effort Mr Key!


Few more pickups from a second trip to DJ’s but those will have to wait for my next post as they are not organized as of yet.  Also only a handful of cards away from 600 total in my 1987 Topps and Traded projects – binder is getting fuller and fuller.  Man that has been a lot of fun!

Thanks for looking and I’ll see you next time!


Slow Mail Monday – But a big Package to Open!

As you may know, or would notice in going through the archives of this documented history of my projects, there have been many starts and stops to my 1987 Topps TTM project.  It has also changed significantly since it’s birth but man has it been a lot of fun.

There have recently been a bunch of guys on twitter who have been actively sending and posting which has led to a renewed drive to get my own envelopes heading out a bit more frequently.

I must admit that I was a little disappointed to only find one return in the mailbox today as I have been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks and have sent out quite a few mailers.  Mondays are typically a big return day here for whatever reason (rarely anything other than recycling in the mail on Tuesdays and Thursdays) so maybe I just had my hopes up a little too high.

Oh well – hopefully that just means that the box will be full moving forward.

Only one return for me today and nothing from the main 1987 set.


Pete Stanicek 2/2 in 76 days – I really shouldn’t be disappointed as it’s always a good feeling to get a mailer back that is a couple months old.  Nice to add to my #2 (1988 Fleer) and #3 (1989 Topps) projects as well.  They look great!


The bigger excitement for the day though came when I hit the Post Office this morning and found a nice fat bubble mailer with an expected chuck of names/numbers to cross of the 1987 project.  A big shout out to @examinebaseball on twitter who reached out to me with some cards he was looking to move – a couple emails and a week later, I had a pile of cards to add to the collection!

exquisite 10004

  • #94 Calvin Schiraldi (replacing my ballpoint pen)
  • #135 Mike Easler (another ballpoint replacement)
  • #164 Sammy Khalifa (you guessed it – another upgrade)
  • #236 Tommy John
  • #265 Darrell Evans
  • #309 Mike Young
  • #319 Greg Swindell
  • #325 Garry Templeton
  • #362 Luis Quinones


exquisite 10005

  • #489 Bill Gullickson
  • #490 Dale Murphy
  • #660 Bob Horner (forgot that I sent him $5 so will probably get this one back at some point – oh well, traders)
  • #736 Steve Bedrosian
  • #738 Jorge Orta
  • #24T David Cone
  • #25T Chuck Crim
  • #26T Storm Davis
  • #34T Terry Francona



exquisite 10006

  • #43T Mickey Hatcher
  • #76T Kevin McReynolds
  • #81T Kevin Mitchell
  • #84T Gene Nelson
  • #85T Graig Nettles
  • #92T Dickie Noles
  • #96T Luis Polonia
  • #129T Matt Williams


All in all a pretty darn good day.  There are a few of these with outstanding requests but many of them are pretty fickle signers.  Should I get extras back then so be it – always nice to have a couple trade pieces.

Some updated stats are as follows:

1987 Topps and Topps Traded

  • Success 358 (37.53%)
  • Purchased/Traded 234 (24.53%)
  • Pending 123 (12.89%)
  • Failure 78 (8.18%)
  • Total Signed autos in hand – 592 which is 62.05% of my need list

Other projects

  • 1988 Fleer – 113 Total Autos
  • 1984 Topps – 49 Autos
  • 1985 Topps – 69 Autos
  • 1989 Topps – 76 Autos
  • 1991 Topps – 25 Autos

Thanks for stopping in – see you next time!


My Favorite Ballplayer – And I paid a few Guys

I am going to break down today’s post into a couple different threads as there has been a few different things happening here.  We spent last weekend in TriCities, Washington at my daughters softball tournament – first and foremost, I can’t tell you how much fun it is to watch my daughter go out there and compete.  She’s twelve and was a first year select player this year – plays on a pretty new team that struggles a bit but she started the year as a sub hitting toward the bottom of the lineup and finished the year as the teams starting shortstop hitting third – I am a proud poppa!

Addy Throw

What a stud – she’s a far better player than her old man ever was – I can promise you that.


Alright – onto the TTM updates.


I have tried and failed with old Kruky a few times over the last couple of years.  Not even sure as to why I tried again as it’s always been a fairly random return but I can only assume I had a card in front of me and gave it a shot.  Was pumped to cross this one off the 1987 Topps list.

123 Kruk

John Kruk 1/1 in 27 days – 1987 Topps #123



exquisite 1

Earnest/Earnie Riles 2/2 via Private Signing on SCN

The price was reasonable so I decided to scratch a couple off the 1987 Topps and 1988 Fleer projects.  Took a little while for the signing to actually happen but the host was great and happy to get these back in and add them to the binder.



exquisite 10001

Joe Carter 3/3 in 10 days – tried him with no money and failed.  At $5 per, I think these are well worth the money.  Not sure why it took me so long to add them to the collection.  One of the first pro games I ever saw at the Metrodome in Minneapolis featured Carter rocking three bombs – these are three beauties and I will likely send him another package of cards here shortly.

Historical Note – Joe Carter was the second player in baseball history to end the World Series with a walkoff homerun.  Bill Mazeroski was the first in 1960.



exquisite 10002

Steve Buechele 2/2 in 72 days – nice when an older submission comes in and looks as good as these do.  A little ink rubbed off on the envelope on the 1989 Topps but overall pretty happy to add these ones to the collection.



exquisite 10003

Lou Whitaker 2/2 in 8 days – like Carter, Lou is another guy whom I tried and failed with no money.  I hesitated a bit to send as it was a little more than I wanted to spend but ended up adding in a little extra and asked for the “Sweet Lou” inscription – I honestly don’t think these could have come out any better and he turned them around in about a week.  Couple beauty additions for sure.


There will be another post coming after today’s mail (hopefully there is a full mailbox of cards!) and a sizable purchase of 1987 Topps and Topps Traded auto pickups.  Stats will be forthcoming as well.

Thanks for the look!




My 1987 Topps & Topps Traded TTM Auto Wantlist

I don’t think I have this really listed anywhere online to share so wanted to get it down here – I will do my best to update this list however I am certain that I will fall behind at times as this will not be my primary list for tracking.  Feel free to reach out with any help you can provide and we may be able to strike a deal!

UPDATED 6/30/2017

3 Dwight Evans
5 Dave Righetti
6 Ruben Sierra
11 Indians – Jim Aker
11 Indians – Chris Bando
12 Jeff Sellers
14 Dave Stewart
16 Pat Clements
18 Dick Hauser
20 Gary Carter
21 Mark Davis
24 Tony Walker
28 Rick Dempsy
30 Tim Raines
31 Braves – Rafael Ramirez
34 Jose Rijo
37 Marvell Wynne
41 Bo Diaz
43 Gene Michael
45 Jim Presley
46 Dan Gladden
47 Dennis Powell
48 Wally Backman
51 Mel Hall
52 Keith Atherton
53 Ruppert Jones
56 Brewers – Paul Molitor
60 Tony Pena
61 Bobby Thigpen
63 Fred Toliver
65 Tom Browning
71 Mike Aldrete
76 Rafael Ramirez
80 Wally Joyner
81 Padres – Andy Hawkins
84 Steve Lake
89 Ozzie Guillen
99 Darryl Motley
106 Blue Jays – George Bell
106 Blue Jays – Willie Upshaw
120 Eddie Murray
124 Ray Fontenot
131 Pirates – Tony Pena
133 Jose Oquendo
136 Ron Romanick
137 Jerry Willard
138 Roy Lee Jackson
139 Devon White
141 Herm Winningham
142 Rick Sutcliffe
144 Mike Scioscia
148 Dave Collins
151 Mike LaCoss
153 Duane Ward
154 Tom O’Malley
156 Mariners – Phil Regan
160 Julio Franco
162 Mike LaValliere
170 Bo Jackson
171 Chuck Cary
172 Ron Oester
173 Alex Trevino
174 Henry Cotto
175 Bob Stanley
181 Cardinals – Mike LaValliere
182 Lee Lacy
183 Andy Hawkins
184 Bobby Bonilla
185 Roger McDowell
188 Tony Phillips
194 Kirk McCaskill
195 Mike Pagliarulo
197 Mark Bailey
198 Lee Mazzilli
200 Pete Rose
202 Ricky Wright
204 Sammy Stewart
208 John Shelby
210 Lloyd Moseby
211 John Morris
212 Mike Fitzgerald
213 Randy Myers
215 Mark Langston
218 Sparky Anderson
219 Cecilio Guante
224 Wayne Tolleson
228 Curt Wilkerson
235 Alvin Davis
241 Danny Heap
242 Rick Mahler
246 Jim Dwyer
250 Teddy Higuera
251 Rob Wilfong
256 Royals – George Brett
257 Bob Forsch
258 Steve Yeager
259 Mike Greenwell
260 Vida Blue
261 Ruben Sierra
267 Howard Johnson
271 Mike Brown
272 Andres Galarraga
273 Gene Nelson
276 Jackie Gutierrez
277 Juan Agosto
281 Reds – Bo Diaz
281 Reds – Pete Rose
281 Reds – Bill Gullickson
282 Jeff Calhoun
285 Dennis Boyd
287 Dave Von Ohlen
288 Tito Landrum
291 Mitch Williams
294 Steve Jeltz
295 Len Dykstra
296 Andres Thomas
297 Don Schulze
298 Larry Herndon
299 Joel Davis
300 Reggie Jackson
301 Luis Aguino
305 John Franco
306 Red Sox – John McNamara
306 Red Sox – Rich Gedman
306 Red Sox – Tom Seaver
311 Ricky Henderson
312 Reggie Jackson
315 Maury Wills
317 Clint Hurdle
320 Barry Bonds
328 Bob Welch
330 Mike Scott
331 Mets – Darryl Strawberry
331 Mets – Gary Carter
334 Ed Correa
338 Tim Conroy
344 Joe Niekro
347 Mickey Brantley
349 Storm Davis
350 Keith Hernandez
356 White Sox – Ed Brinkman
356 White Sox – Julio Cruz
360 Pedro Guerrero
366 Mark McGwire
367 Jeff Lahti
368 John McNamara
373 Jeff Dedmon
375 Ron Guidry
378 Rafael Santana
381 Expos – Mike Fitzgerald
382 Rudy Law
383 Ron Davis
385 Orel Hershiser
389 Jeff D Robinson
395 Damaso Garcia
396 Tim Lollar
397 Greg Walker
398 Brad Havens
400 George Brett
406 Yankees – Rickey Henderson
406 Yankees – Don Mattingly
410 Fernando Valenzuela
411 Darnell Coles
412 Eric Davis
416 Tom Nieto
417 Pat Perry
418 Dick Williams
419 Mark Portugal
425 Tom Seaver
430 Mike Schmidt
431 Dodgers – Alex Trevino
436 Andy Allanson
438 Kelly Downs
445 Dave Lopes
446 Chuck Finley
448 Chris Bosio
450 Kirby Puckett
456 A’s – Carney Lansford
456 A’s – Dave Von Ohlen
456 A’s – Mickey Tettleton
458 Kelly Gruber
459 Dennis Eckersley
460 Darryl Strawberry
463 Tom Candiotti
466 Kal Daniels
468 George Bamberger
469 Mike Diaz
472 Bill Doran
474 Jerry Naron
481 Phillies – Von Hayes
483 Dwight Lowry
484 Jim Traber
485 Tony Fernandez
488 Ray Knight
494 Barry Jones
500 Don Mattingly
501 Craig Lefferts
502 Dick Schofield
504 Mickey Hatcher
506 Orioles – Rick Dempsy
506 Orioles – Earl Weaver
508 Scott Bankhead
509 Enos Cabell
510 Tom Henke
512 Dave Magaden
513 Carmen Castillo
515 Willie Hernandez
516 Ted Simmons
517 Mario Soto
518 Gene Mauch
525 Phil Bradley
530 Tony Gwynn
531 Astros – Yogi Berra
531 Astros – Hal Lanier
531 Astros – Gene Tenace
532 Jeff Stone
533 Angel Salazar
535 Tony Armas
536 Terry Mulholland
539 Reid Nichols
543 Dave Johnson
545 Buddy Bell
550 Pete Incaviglia
551 Frank Wills
552 Larry Sheets
556 Angels – Bob Boone
556 Angels – Mike Witt
560 Glenn Davis
561 Rey Quinones
562 Bryan Clutterbuck
568 Earl Weaver
570 Sid Fernandez
571 Ozzie Virgil
573 Hal McRae
574 Manny Lee
582 Bruce Berenyi
587 Eric Plunk
590 Vince Coleman
593 Chuck Tanner
595 Keith Hernandez – AS
596 Steve Sax – AS
597 Mike Schmidt
599 Tony Gwynn – AS
601 Darryl Strawberry – AS
602 Gary Carter – AS
604 Fernando Valenzuela – AS
605 Todd Worrell – AS
607 Tony Bernazard – AS
609 Cal Ripken – AS
611 Kirby Puckett – AS
612 George Bell – AS
615 Teddy Higuera – AS
617 Al Nipper
621 Danny Cox
630 John Candalaria
631 Tigers – Sparky Anderson
631 Tigers – Mike Heath
631 Tigers – Willie Hernandez
633 Jose Uribe
634 Rafael Palmiero
640 Mark Clear
642 Al Pulido
644 John Denny
645 Dwight Evans
648 Barry Larkin
649 Mickey Tettleton
652 Terry Forster
653 Kevin Mitchell
655 Jesse Barfield
656 Rangers – Rickey Wright
657 Tom Waddell
659 Aurelio Lopez
663 Cliff Johnson
665 Rod Scurry
668 Juan Bonilla
670 Jose Cruz
677 Bob Grich
678 Carney Lansford
679 Kent Hrbek
681 George Bell
685 Jerry Hairston
686 Doyle Alexander
687 Alan Trammell
689 Darrell Porter
697 Ed Lynch
701 Willie Randolph
704 Jesse Orosco
707 Bob McClure
710 Gary Gaitti
711 Ken Griffey
714 Dan Quisenberry
718 Steve Carlton
722 Bob Knepper
724 Greg Minton
725 George Hendrick
727 Mike Moore
729 Tom Paciorek
731 Dave Concepcion
733 Bill Caudill
734 Bill Madlock
735 Rickey Henderson
739 Chet Lemon
744 Roy Smalley
745 Glenn Hubbard
746 Bob Ojeda
748 Mike Flanagan
752 Dan Petry
758 Tony Bernazard
760 Mike Witt
761 Greg Pryor
765 Kirk Gibson
769 Steve Sax
770 Dave Winfield
772 Harold Baines
775 Joaquin Andujar
778 Jack Morris
784 Cal Ripken
787 Alejandro Pena
790 Julio Cruz
2t Scott Bankhead
7t Thad Bosley
13t DeWayne Buice
14t Ellis Burks
15t Ivan Calderon
16t Jeff Calhoun
18t John Cangelosi
19t Steve Carlton
20t Juan Castillo
23t John Christensen
28t Rick Dempsey
30t Mike Dunne
31t Dennis Eckersley
33t Brian Fisher
38t Dan Gladden
40t Cecilio Guante
42t Terry Harper
44t Brad Havens
45t Neal Heaton
46t Mike Henneman
47t Donnie Hill
49t Brian Holton
51t Danny Jackson
52t Reggie Jackson
55t Stan Jefferson
58t Mike Kingery
59t Ray Knight
61t Mike LaValierre
64t Tim Leary
66t Steve Lombardozzi
69t Shane Mack
70t Greg Maddux
71t Bill Madlock
72t Joe Magrane
73t Dave Marinez
74t Fred McGriff
75t Mark McLemore
78t Eddie Milner
79t Greg Minton
80t John Mitchell
82t Charlie Moore
83t Jeff Musselman
87t Reid Nichols
89t Joe Niekro
90t Tom Nieto
91t Matt Nokes
95t Tony Pena
97t Randy Ready
99t Gary Redus
101t Rick Rhoden
102t Cal Ripken Sr
103t Wally Ritchie
104t Jeff M Robinson
106t Jerry Royster
107t Mark Salas
111t Kevin Seitzer
112t John Shelby
113t Steve Shields
122t Dave Valle
124t Andy Van Slyke
126t Alan Wiggins
128t Frank Williams
130t Jim Winn

Light Week but a couple PastPros Hits

One of my slower weeks in awhile – sent out three PastPros requests awhile back and all three have now made it in.  Thankfully as the last week only had a couple other returns.  Here they are.


exquisite 10007

STEVE BALBONI 1/1 in 19 days – looks like he’s at one per request these days, fine by me but I have a few more I need to send him.  Started with this one as I had been going through the 1989 Topps Traded box and the pose rules.  Nothing like your favorite “The Thinker” look from the dugout.



exquisite 10013

RANDY KUTCHER 1/2 in 18 days – another one from the 1989 Topps Traded box.



And now a couple PastPros returns


exquisite 10012

JUNIOR ORTIZ 3/3 in about two weeks – scratched three big needs off the list on this pickup and the prices were reasonable.


exquisite 10002

CLAUDELL WASHINGTON 3/3 in about three weeks – not sure about the vertical signature but the crew at PP warned me that his returns were a bit spotty and that it may take awhile but he turned them around pretty quicky.


That’s all for now – sent out a couple more today and will hopefully have a little more time this week to fill the outbox.


Couple Weeks of Mail – COBRA-style

OK – that title makes absolutely no sense from the outside world.  Oh well, there are about three of you actually reading this thing and I’m guessing I could have left the title bar blank and you would have checked it out regardless.  You are all scholars and gentlemen through and through.

Enough blathering and on to the show.  Big mixed bag of stuff here – though I must admit that I need to start sending out more than just baseball – need to get that Hockey and Minnesota Viking collecting rolling a bit more.  Some day when I have more time on my hands.

Here are the cards that have hit the mailbox over the last couple of weeks – one RTS in the form of Jim Acker.  I guess I also tried Clint Hurdle at Spring Training as he was signing a bit and ended up getting the standard 3×5 preprint card as seen below as well.  Those are the two failures.

exquisite 10002


And on with the show, in the (relative) order in which they were received.


exquisite 1

Jerry Reed 3/3 in 9 days – Mariner, sticks his tongue out pitching, sweet stache – all the way around I would call this a great return.  Thank you Mr Reed!



Stu Cliburn 1/3 in 27 days – well this one is probably on me for getting greedy.  Typed a letter instead of writing it and sent three cards instead of the one (1989 Topps) I would have really liked to have.  Live and learn – got one back anyway and Stu has a couple to hand out to kids.

exquisite 10001


Jody Davis 3/3 in 9 days – spent a lot of time as a kid watching these Cub teams on WGN (and of course I was listening to Harry Caray day drink) and Davis was one of my favorites. One of my favorites of the week for sure.


exquisite 10003

Willie Fraser 3/3 in 15 days – all nice autos on set needs.  Devon White has been doing (slowly) some signings so maybe I will send that Fleer in to get them both, maybe.


exquisite 10004

Juan Samuel 3/3 in 14 days – Juan has always been a great signer and continued through this request.  My favorite of the bunch is the ’85 Record Breaker – signature stands out well on the white jersey.


exquisite 10005

Bill Long 3/3 in 15 days – man those White Sox hats with Homer Simpson’s ear on the front sucked.  So bad.  Not many 1987s coming back anymore but got this from the Traded set, one more to scratch off.


exquisite 10006

Clay Parker 3/3 in 12 days – always good to pick up another Mariner!


exquisite 10007

Bill Buckner 2/2 in 11 days – got shut down the first time, sent money the second.  Quick turnaround and didn’t cost much.  Still loses a little bit of luster when you have to send in a check and it gets cashed before you get your cards.  Two iconic sets though.


exquisite 10008

Ken Phelps 1/2 in nine days – nice to get the Mariner card back.  I remember babysitting (yeah, I was a babysitter, so what) and watching the Holman bid for a perfect game when Phelps hit a two out bomb in the bottom of the ninth.  If I recall correctly, he said something like “I didn’t want to be looped for the rest of history as the last out of that perfect game” – plus the Mariners traded him away so I imagine there was a little extra ooomph going in that swing.


exquisite 10009

Dave Parker 3/3 in 11 days – yeah, I paid for these one too through Past Pros but he turned them around in under two weeks and gave me two with his nickname “COBRA” inscribed – really happy with how they came out.


exquisite 10010

Ed Romero 3/3 in 14 days – my second quick return from Mr Romero.


exquisite 10011

David Segui 3/3 in 41 days – happened to see his name as a return somewhere and started digging for a few cards.  It probably took me two hours to find one Mariner card to send but finally did and it turned out awesome.


That is all for now – hopefully more updates to share shortly.


Happy Friday – 368 day return!

Not too much to add on to my post from this morning – hit the mailbox this afternoon and noticed an envelope that I haven’t used in awhile, sure enough, about a year.


exquisite 10001

Dave Schmidt 2/2 in 368 days – I had already picked up the 1987 for that project however it’s always nice to pull the purchased card to add to the trader box and add my own success – will do that as many times as I can.  Add in a beauty from the 1984 Topps set and you have yourself a winner!



exquisite 10002

Mike Maddux 3/3 in 24 days – sent this one in through the Washington Nationals and Mike turned it around pretty quickly.  Over 50 cards in on the 1989 set, over 100 on the 1988 Fleer set and just getting started on the blue beauties from 1987.


Thanks for the look – heading out to enjoy the sunshine at Safeco Field – go Mariners!


Ten Month Wait Returned and More TTMs

Gotta love it when you have long since written off getting something back and you find a stamp you haven’t used in some time in the mailbox – always a lot of questions but fun to tear into.

Not a ton to report here but a few have landed over the last couple of weeks that you may want to review.


exquisite 10003

Art Howe 3/3 in 25 days – I believe this is my second success, maybe third from Howe.  Always great – the 1989 and 1991 are sets you will see a lot of, need to start working more on the 1984 set but have yet to pick up more than the handful of cards I have on hand.  Oh well, I probably have enough here to keep me busy.


exquisite 10006

Frank DiPino 2/2 in 56 days – second success from DiPino.  It’s interesting to see how many of these guys end up playing on both sides of big rivalries – which should tell you that it all means way more to the fans than the players.


exquisite 10005

Bobby Dernier 2/2 in 312 days – another case where I had sent a different request (that was returned to me as not deliverable) and then this came back.  Love the “Gold Glove ’84” inscription!



exquisite 10004

Joe Hesketh 1/1 in 21 days – auto is a bit chunky but what the heck.  It will look good with the rest of the 1989 group.


exquisite 10007

Bob Boone 3/3 in 46 days – the 1985 Topps Father and Son card may be my favorite return from this batch, great looking card!  Nice to add another 1983 Topps to the collection as well – thanks Bob!



exquisite 10002

Bill Wegman – sent 3 and got back 4 plus a religious flyer – all in about a month.  Second return from Bill – thanks!



exquisite 10008

Don Heinkel 1/1 in 21 days – not the greatest looking card or signature but it will fit in the binder.



exquisite 10010

Dave Bergman 1987 Topps #700 – RIP.  A fellow collector sent me a note about this eBay auction as he knew I needed it for my set and, as Dave has passed away, this is not the easiest card to find.  Was able to pick it up for a very decent price.



exquisite 10001

Gary Ward 3/3 in 52 days – love the lambchops on the 1983 Topps card.  Beauty!



exquisite 10009

Eddie Whitson 3/3 in 45 days – pen is a little bit light but, all in all, not to bad.



That is all for today – full mail boxes to you all!



Gotta Love a Full Mailbox – 5 TTMs Today!

An update post was put together and ready this morning but scrapped – I decided to wait for the mail to come in today to complete this weekly edition.  I am quite happy that I did – five successes today (though none for the big 1987 project).  Starting with those five and working backwards – though it shouldn’t matter much as these all came in this week.


exquisite 10005

Juan Gonzalez 2/2 in 10 days – my second success from Juan.  Quick turnaround including his 1990 UD and 1991 Topps cards – love ’em!



exquisite 10007

Paul O’Neill 1/2 in 39 days – he kept the 1991 Topps but signed and sent back the 1989.  Sharp looking card and a very nice addition.



exquisite 10006

Sherman Corbett 1/1 in two weeks – only card I sent.  Sweet specs.



exquisite 10008

Mike Harkey 2/2 in 18 days – sent these two to the New York Yankees.  Great looking signature and returned quickly.



exquisite 10009

Gary Varsho 2/2 in ten days – 1989 Topps card was worn off a bit in the envelope but happy to add both cards.  The 1993 Topps set may be one I start working on a little more now when I have the opportunity, very sharp looking cards.




Bill Schroeder 2/2 in eleven months – I have since purchased a 1987 Topps for my set but always excited to be able to add my own success instead.  The 1984 Topps looks great as well – love that set!  It’s always an added bonus to get a return after nearly a year!



exquisite 1

Juan Berenguer 5/5 in about ten days – through some trials and tribulations I got my five cards signed by Juan.  This is one that I paid for and ordered through PastPros – the transaction wasn’t perfect but the guys over there have been quick to explain, adjust and compensate – overall, I am happy and will use them again.  Plus I finally got my 1987 Topps Traded Twins card signed by “Senor Smoke”!


exquisite 10003

Joel Youngblood 2/2 in two weeks – I had failed twice before to get Mr Youngblood’s 1987 Topps signed.  Saw that he had a few returns and gave it a shot – fantastic!



exquisite 10004

Steve Rosenberg 2/2 in 11 days – 1989 Topps and 1990 UD.  Thanks for the quick turnaround!



exquisite 10001

Scott Bailes 3/3 in twelve days – second success from Scott.  Some beauties added to the collection here – really love the Fleer cards.



exquisite 10002

Greg Gagne 3/3 in 11 days – another guy with whom I have gotten a few successes.  Two different 1989 Topps and a sweet action shot on the 1991 Topps.


That is all for this week but a nice stack here to add to the binders.  Thanks for checking in and hopefully I will have another update for you on Monday!