My Stroll Down Memory Lane and the birth of a new project

I wandered in to DJ Sportscards here yesterday as I always like seeing the sheer bulk of cards he has come through that place – plus there are always good deals to be had on old “garbage” wax.

On this day I had supplies on my mind and went in looking for used toploaders in bulk which I have usually been able to puck up here in bulk. This was no exception and I scored a boxful of said toploaders for about $10.

Picking up these toploaders led me down to a shelf crammed full of older, mostly 1990’s mass-produced, was boxes from all sports (and even some Desert Storm cards – if you’ve seen Garden State you know these are highly collectible!). Anyway – I was reminded of a ProSet thread discussing all of the errors and potential chase cards so I figured I would pick it up – $5 is certainly in the budget for 36 packs. To my dismay I got the 91/92 version as opposed to the 90/91 so I probably overspent by about $3 but what the heck.

I was also able to fish out a box of 1987 Topps Baseball Cello packs – I have no idea how many are in here but its a fair amount and again, at $10, how can I pass that up. The ’87 Topps is actually a product I have been seeking (sort of) for a little while now to build on a secondary project and a return to my roots so to speak.

1987 Topps Baseball Wax was the first box I ever saved up for and purchased. It wasn’t the beginning of my collecting but it was the moment when I started to get much more serious in the hobby. Now, I was 12 at the time so maybe “serious” isn’t the right word to use but I was certain that I was investing in my future with this purchase and couldn’t wait to sell all these cards and watch them pay for my college education. I may not have been steeped in reality at the time but I think there were a few of us that fell into that same trap.

That’s all for now. More to follow on the 1987 Topps project once I have the “rules” figured out. Should be fun. Anyway – feast your eyes on some of the prize pickups of the mid/late 1980’s – you know, the ones that are now basically worthless. Beautiful.






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