1987 Topps Baseball TTM (far too large) Project


As I mentioned in my previous post – 1987 Topps Baseball was a landmark moment for me and collecting.  I was 12 years old, had made a little bit of money mowing grass, shining shoes, cleaning dusty storage rooms at the little college my parents worked at, etc.  I had finally earned my own money and I was going to invest it in my future.  A box of 1987 Topps Baseball Wax or a set of 1987 Fleer Opening Day – I went with the box because what kid doesn’t love opening packs of cards.  It was great.  I have no idea how many Canseco, Bonds of McGwire rookies came out of that box but I was certain that one day it would pay for college, a new car or a trip to Europe.  Shockingly I still have college debt, have owned exactly one new car and had to get married to finally make my way to Europe.

Anyway – those cards are long since gone.  Maybe a few were sold in my early shot at selling what I thought would still have value on eBay however the bulk were donated or sold at a garage sale at some point.

I have longed for a return to the 1980’s cards over the past few years but have really struggled with what to do.  Clearly putting together a 1987 Topps baseball set is one of the easiest/cheapest hobby goals a person can have – either spend $4 for one on eBay or see if you can find the packs cheap enough to build it yourself.  Nothing real satisfying in that endeavor.

After some thought and a number of conversations with fellow hobbyists (is that a word?) I have slung myself down this path.  The goal was to find a box of 1987 Topps Wax – while it isn’t was what I did find is a box of 24 cello packs of 49 cards each – and yes, they do have the All-Star Game Commemorative card inserts you have all been looking for!


Step one complete – more cards that I can ever figure out what to do with.

Step two – start sending these suckers out TTM and see what kind of response I can get.

Obviously this is going to be a huge undertaking an awful success rate so I figure I better make some rules for myself.  They are as follows:

1 – these are more guidelines that rules, my collection, I can change as I see fit (bit of an out clause isn’t it).

2 – Open Cello Pack – 49 cards, 49 letters, SASEs and envelopes headed out before the next pack can be opened.

3 – Every player/manager will get a letter regardless of the successes of the past.  I understand that Bonds, McGwire, Clemens etc will likely pitch the notice but I really want to see what comes back from this so no one is being scratched.  Note:  No letters to checklists (weird) or the deceased (just in case you were going to ask).

4 – Goal will be to get one pack put together and sent out each week.  Not sure I can pull this one off but we will give it a shot and see what happens.

5 – All successes big and small will be posted here in timely fashion (certainly a mushy deadline there) as well as all colossal failures and cease and desist orders.

6 – SCF and Startiger will be where I start my data mining for addresses but any help is appreciated (but please don’t give me the “This dude is never going to sign” spiel – I really don’t care).  I am happy to share any and all addresses with everyone but I will not be posting them in the thread.  Shoot me an email or contact me on twitter @lumberjackcards and I will help you out.

That’s it – pretty straightforward.  I sent out a bunch of these cards in 1988 now it’s time to relive that fun 25 years later, I wonder if Tito Landrum still signs TTM…or if he’s still alive…we shall find out.  I have no goal in mind here but to send out a ton of mailers and find out exactly how much comes back my way.  There may be a few here and there that have a couple extra cards thrown in but largely 1987 Topps is going to be the focal point of this effort.  I truly wonder what the heck is going to come back.


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