Day 1 cont. – with updates and costs

One thing I have failed to note in the evolution of this project is exactly how much money I am going to be shelling out for, what I hope to be, a ton of autos.

I stopped by Office Depot this morning and picked up the basics as follows:

5×8 index cards, 500 each of #10 and #6 security envelopes and a roll of 100 Forever Stamps. Total charge $96.45

Throw in the 9.95 for the box of cards and I am up to just under $110 currently.

Don’t try this at home kids.

So…couple things I will try to update as I move through this…#1 is how much it costs, I will be as transparent as I can…#2 I am coming up on some interesting little factoids on some of these players, I will do my best to share them as well.  I have to admit, I didn’t see reconnecting this much but investigating the whereabouts of the players leads to some fascinating items.

Item #1 – Trammell was never held in the same regard as Ripken and people crushed him for his lack of arm strength but he won the Gold Glove four out of five years between 1980-1984.

Item #2 – Andy McGaffigan is religious and went six for 126 (.048) at the plate over his career.  I’m not sure the two are related.

I got one more envelope put together for today so Robin Yount will go out – I will likely get a preprint back like everyone else.  Stay tuned.


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