Day 1 – TTM request for 8/28/2013

Worked on a few of the first TTMs that will go out this evening – just pulled cards off the top of the stack and started writing up some letters.

I am going with a 4×6 card with a handwritten letter to try and coax some of the more stubborn players into signing for me and the family.  We’ll see what comes back from all of this.

Those going out are as follows:

  1. #687 Alan Trammell (not a good track record for returns)
  2. #719 Tom Hume (not many requests but a few successes)
  3. #314 TBTC Carl Yastrzemski (no chance)
  4. #756 Carlton Fisk (I figured this one would be tough but it looks like there could be a chance – cross your fingers)
  5. #742 Andy McGaffigan (will likely be the first one back)

So that is batch #1 that will be mailed out tomorrow.  And so it begins.


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