8/29 Outbound Mailings

Wife had a PTA meeting for my sons preschool so I was able to sit down and crank out a few envelopes this evening while watching some Ray Donovan (it’s no Dexter but it isn’t bad).

Anyway, the following will go out tomorrow:

6.  #329 Gary Roenicke (likely return)
7.  #473 Steve Farr (it’s been awhile since there were any successes)
8.  #760 Mike Witt (it has been a very long while since he returned anything – doesn’t look good)
9.  #705 Bruce Hurst (I really hope I get this one back)
10.  #701 Willie Randoph (nothing for a long time but he has now joined Baseball Tonight on ESPN so I am sending this one to Bristol, CT – doubtful)
11.  #688 Juan Beniquez (this one is headed to Puerto Rico)
12.  #745 Glenn Hubbard (chance are good on Glenn)
13.  #128 – Checklist (clearly not sent out)

Daily Ramblings

Item #3 – Bruce Hurst was awarded the World Series MVP in 1986 after dominating performances in two games against the Mets.  Then the Red Sox collapsed in game six, Hurst got a no decision in game seven and Ray Knight took home the honors.

Item #4 – Mike Witt has the only perfect game on the last day of the regular season and is one of only two no hitters – the other was a combined effort by the A’s in 1975.


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