Day #3 – 8/30 Mailings

Interesting day today to say the least – more on that tomorrow as I don’t have adequate time to paint the picture at the moment but let’s just say days like today are the ones that make you love this dumb hobby.

Anyway…cards that are ready and will be headed out tomorrow are as follows:

  • 14 – #119 Ron Robinson (picked the best address I could – 50/50)
  • 15 – #171 Chuck Cary (best guy around – story to follow tomorrow)
  • 16 – #325 Garry Templeton (nothing back in years – he is managing now in the minor so I am trying to go through the team, very doubtful)
  • 17 – #592 Chris Welsh (broadcaster for the Reds so I am going that route, not much to go on)
  • 18 – #782 Brian Downing (not much to go on here either but less chance – 10% at best)

Daily Ramblings

Item #5 – Garry Templeton was the first ever MLB player to put together 100 hits from each side of the plate in a season.  Only two have done it.

Item #6 – Chris Welsh has been a broadcaster for the Reds for over 20 years, much with George Grande until he retired in 2009.  It is the longest running TV partnership in team history.


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