Day #4 – Post-Labor Day Mailings

Labor Day weekend for me and the family was very busy so the project took a backseat throughout the entire weekend. I haven’t gotten anything back at this point but it has only been a couple of days – hopefully things will start rolling in here later this week however I have still not been able to get out as many requests as I would have liked.

All that being said – the following will be out in the mail tomorrow:

19 – #238 Bill Krueger (local guy, looks favorable)
20 – #155 Ed Whitson (no successes in a few years – could be gone)
21 – #168 Lou Piniella (throwing a dart – he returns random requests here and there)
22 – #118 Bobby Valentine (hope I get this one back and it looks good)
23 – #241 Danny Heep (college coach – need to get lucky on this one)
24 – #58 Thad Bosley (one of my childhood favorites – new college coach so trying that university)

Daily Ramblings

Item #7 – Danny Heep has amassed over 500 victories as a collegiate manager.

Item #8 – Bill Krueger is a local TV analyst for the Mariners. He suffered cardiac arrest in late 2012 but four employees at the sports club worked together to assist in saving his life.

NOTE – I know I promised a nice story before the long weekend however the story continues to adapt a little bit and I want to make sure it is at least somewhat complete before getting in too deep


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