Day #5 – Nothing in the box yet but more headed out.

Hump day and day number five of working on the project.  Nothing in the mailbox today – still waiting on that first envelope to find its way into the mailbox – I really can’t wait.

Wrote up a few notes today and, at a guess, I think I am flushing some time and money down the drain with the effort put forth this evening…it happens.

25 – #647 Tom Lawless (college coach and crazy man on the bases, should get this one back)
26 – #439 Karl Best (short MLB career and a local guy – not many requests so who knows)
27 – #351 Gene Garber (appears to send most back so should be good)
28 – #367 Jeff Lahti (another NW guy but no successes in years – doubt it)
29 – #393 Pete Rose (no frickin way)

I flipped over the next card to write up today and hit Pete Rose and immediately face-palmed. If you haven’t been in the Pete Rose circle much lately it appears that the income he has coming in stems largely from selling his stuff, pimping out his odd marriage on TLC and setting up at Mandalay Bay every day to sign for autographs. I sent a letter to Mandalay Bay with a letter from our family but the chances of this getting back to me are zero.


As I was writing up the note for Pete I was thinking about how many times I have invested time and money in things knowing full well they would never work out – far too many. But these things do hit from time to time making it worth the small effort.

I made the rules for this little project, so now I have to stick it out. Note: I had planned on sending out every single card I pulled in this project. Many players have multiple cards in this set – my way around this was to set aside those players as they come up and send them all out once all have been pulled, however with Rose I am not going to waste that much time – the other three cards will be kept as they come up (assuming I pull them) but will not wait to send out the batch and I will not send out another mailer once they come up. Maybe I’m cheating, but I’m not going to completely bang my head against the wall.

Daily Ramblings

Item #9 – Gene Garber was formerly the Chairman of the Lancaster County Agricultural Preservation Board and is a member of the Lancaster Farmland Trust, which combined have protected more than 1,000 farms and 75,000 acres (300 km2) of farmland from development, more than any other county in the United States.


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