Days #7 & #8 – Responses (sort of) and more outbound mail

Been slow going here since late last week as life has been busy.  I have received a couple of cards back in the mail which was exciting and then disappointing – still zero autographs to speak of.


#687 Alan Trammel (0/2) – received my card back in my SASE with no communication, guess he didn’t like my letter.
#439 Karl Best (0/3) – Return to Sender

I know it hasn’t been long since I started this little project however, I have hit a little point here where I am getting a bit depressed as to the success ratios thus far – long way to hoe though so I will keep plugging along and see what comes out of it.

Two days worth of mailings here in one post –

35 – #375 Ron Guidry
36 – #485 Tony Fernandez
37 – #182 Lee Lacy
38 – #169 Ron Washington
39 – #17 Pete O’Brien
40 – #125 Bob Brenly
41 – #33 Andy Van Slyke
42 – #100 Steve Garvey
43 – #108 Jim Gantner

Daily Ramblings
Item #11 – Pete O’Brien runs a spa in Texas designed to melt away stress
Item #12 – Jim Gantner (sweet tinted glasses) runs an Auto Shop and a Bar in Wisconsin. I imagine that bar would be good for me to melt away some stress (get it, cause they have booze…haha…oh whatever).


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