Days #8 & 9 – One Pack Review & My First AUTO!

I have been doing a lot of sitting and interneting (is that a word – sure…what the hell) here the last 24 hours or so. You see yesterday morning my wife took me in to the vet, er clinic, and I got fixed, er a vasectomy. I have been moderately sore and tentative for the past day but I have also been able to put some work in on eBay and on this project without the fear of “FINISH THE DECK!” being screamed at me from the kitchen.

Not moving on to rak pack #2 until #1 was completed was one of my first rules – more to keep me on task than anything else. That was quickly altered however as I discovered there are a number of players who are featured on multiple cards in this set. Those are currently being set aside until the end – likely the response on those will be worse than the rest as they are more of the “star” players so who cares at this point.

From the first pack (49 cards), the numbers are as follows:
1. 1 Checklist
2. 1 Deceased
3. 1 Foreign player with no real address (will keep hunting)
4. 3 Players featured in more cards
5. 43 Requests sent (1 RTS, 2 returned with no auto, 2 returned with auto)

The first successes!
Yesterday was the first card that hit the mailbox with an auto – #118 Bobby Valentine!
Today was the second card to hit the mailbox with an auto (I’m on a streak!) – #168 Lou Piniella
That brings my batting average (on cards that have made it back to me) up to .400 – not too bad at this point – a little ray of sunshine anyway.
118 Valentine168 Piniella

A little more word has been done.
I was able to get out a few more cards here today and update on a few more. I hit a stretch today where three out of four cards featured players that have since deceased. Everyone knows the story of Roberto Clemente, I certainly do not have the writing skills to provide you any more information than you already have.
Darrell Porter was a highly decorated catcher who was named to multiple All-Star teams, won a World Championship and was named MVP both of the 1982 NLCS and World Series. Tragically, he dealt with some significant substance abuse problems. He went through treatment, became a born again Christian and, by all accounts, did a lot of good speaking about his problems in public. In 2002 he left his home to pick up a newspaper and was found dead. His heart had stopped due to long-term effects of cocaine use.
Rod Scurry had similar struggles with drugs, cocaine was his fix of choice as well. He didn’t have the baseball resume that Porter did but tragically experienced a cocaine induced heart attack that killed him after an arrest in 1992.
So kids, don’t do drugs. RIP to all of you.

Two more days worth of mailers made it out here today –

44 – #670 Jose Cruz
45 – #763 Tim Flannery
46 – #729 Tom Paciorek
47 – #779 Craig Reynolds
48 – #768 Dennis Lamp
49 – #187 Mark Huismann
50 – #315 Maury Wills

I guess that means we are fifty requests into this little project. Cool.

Daily Ramblings
Item #13 – Dennis Lamp now works in a grocery store behind the seafood counter in Orange County, CA
Item #14 – Craig Reynolds also works after baseball. He is a pastor at a Baptist Church in Houston.


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