Been Away – Time to get back at it – BIG UPDATE!

Well – life has been busy and I have been pretty inactive for the better part of three weeks.  We are selling the house we left behind in Billings, MT when we moved west, work has had me all up and down the West Coast and I managed to have a nice boys weekend in Minneapolis where we played three rounds of golfed and took in the Wild, Vikings and Twins – no to mention the large quantities of adult beverages.

The project has cranked along without me with some favorable results.

Nothing to report going outbound as I need to get that rolling however there have been some very cool things in the mailbox over the last couple of weeks.  The first returned to me I am counting as a success, even though it clearly is not.  You may remember in my previous most I mentioned that Mel Hall is in jail – well I figured, what the hell, and sent him a request.  The following is what I received from the Texas Department of Corrections:

006Now – this is nearly impossible to make out but, the gist of it is, Mel Hall rejected my letter to him but had to sign this form to do so – WINNING!  Technically, I guess it’s a miss as I didn’t get the 1987 Topps card signed however, it’s still pretty cool so I will hang on to it.

Outside of that I also got RTS from Tom Lawless and Tony Fernandez.  The good news with them is that I get my SASE back I guess so I save $0.46 each.  Silver linings.

Now, for the good news – six cards were all returned with signatures and I did not have to pay for one.  In order they are as follows:

#683 Gary Roenicke
#17 Pete O’Brien
#779 Craig Reynolds
#238 Bill Kruger


So those were pretty exciting and I was very happy.  Now lets get to a guy who has his number hanging in the rafters in San Diego.  Not the best speller, see note, but a good hit none-the-less.

#100 Steve Garvey

100 Garvey


And now for the coup de grace – returns from Bert have been nearly impossible.  I did write him a nice note and sent this to Target Field instead of the other addresses however I never thought this one would come back signed – and with a nice inscription.

#25 Bert Blyleven

25 Blyleven


So that’s it – I don’t even know where the tally is at current but I will get that figured out and updated for the next post.  Hopefully I will have some time to get a couple batches of cards sent out over the weekend.


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