Couple Weeks Off – Now Back at It

It appears that my vacation from this little project was a little longer than I intended.  About three weeks have gone by since my last batch of cards was sent out.  A solid week of autos last week as well as a little more time at home should lead to more requests headed out this week.

Now – I would love to have some fascinating commentary to go with this group of requests however this may end up being the least interesting group of submissions I have seen thus far – there really isn’t much of anything to report.  So with that, the following will be in the mail tomorrow:

51 – #347 Mickey Brantley
52 – #543 Davey Johnson
53 – #358 Sal Butera
54 – #649 Mickey Tettleton
55 – #43 Gene Michael
56 – #363 Jose Guzman
57 – #86 Nate Snell
58 – #209 Rick Schu
59 – #469 Mike Diaz
60 – #59 Ken Daley

Daily Ramblings
Item #15 – Rambo was the nickname of Mike Diaz as apparently they looked similar.
Item #16 – Rick Schu married his High School sweetheart.


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