My Most Prolific Request Weekend – 1987 Topps TTM Project

A couple updates to note before getting to the glut of requests I was able to put together yesterday and today. Two responses in hand between Thursday and Friday.

Carl Yastrzemski returned in SASE with no signature or note (to no one’s surprise):

314 Yastrzemski

RTS from ESPN address for Willie Randolph:

701 Randolph

Was able to spend a ton of time yesterday and got the following requests out in Saturdays mail:

Outbound Requests – 10/12/13
74 – #422 Jack Howell
75 – #464 Butch Wynegar
76 – #520 Jack Clark
77 – #99 Darryl Motley
78 – #510 Tom Henke
79 – #635 Ken Schrom
80 – #447 Billy Almon
81 – #573 Hal McRae
82 – #253 Eddie Milner
83 – #425 Tom Seaver
84 – #542 Rick Horton
85 – #433 Ed Hearn
86 – #525 Phil Bradley
87 – #498 Bob Kearney
88 – #342 Bob James
89 – #308 Don Slaught
90 – #470 Dave Dravecky

Daily Ramblings
Item #21 – You probably heard that Jack Clark was fired after his first week on the job as a radio co-host for calling out Albert Pujols for steroid use. Pujols has now followed up the firing with a lawsuit against Clark. What you may not know is that Jack Clark filed for bankruptcy in 1992 due largely to his obsession with high value vehicles including a $700k Ferrari. This led him to lose his $2.4 million house and his drag racing business. It sounds like he has recovered since this spending spree and is a little more responsible these days.
Item #22 – Tom Henke grew up in a small town in Missouri and had a very difficult time getting used to city life in the big leagues. He and his wife are now very active in raising awareness and funds for Down Syndrome as their youngest daughter is afflicted with the disease.
Item #23 – Ed Hearn has suffered from a number of medical issues since his retirement and, at one point, was more than 50 medications per day for all of the ailments. He has turned these struggles into a career in motivational speaking and has earned the Certified Speaking Profession – he is the first and, thus far, only athlete to have ever earned this prestigious designation.
Item #24 – Dave Dravecky. If you don’t know this story, you should. Spend some time looking him up or look for his book “Comeback”. A cancerous tumor led to his arm breaking while throwing a pitch in 1989 and, after a few unsuccessful surgeries and treatments, his left arm was amputated in 1991. He is now an author and motivational speaker.

Those 17 requests went out in yesterdays mail. At some point during the day I discovered another player to add to the deceased list. Dave Smith died at 53 in 2008 of a heart attack leaving behind a wife and three children.

50 Smith (deceased)

Also went through enough players to open up Rac Pack #3 – we’re cranking them out now!


Stay tuned for a post coming this evening with another 6-8-10 requests that will hit the mailbox tomorrow.


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