Two Received – Many Requested

I need to get a little bit better at keeping this updated however it was an odd week. Wife headed back to NoDak and left me with the two monsters…er…offspring…er…children…er…the only two reasons I exists. Anyway, you get the point, I was busy.

Mailbox was emptier than I had hoped this week but did have these two in the box on Friday I believe. Both were eight day turnarounds.

Sal Butera

358 Butera

Greg Brock
Sent the one 1987 Topps to Greg, he threw in a 1985 Fleer as well – pretty generous dude.
26 Brock

Outbound Requests – Oct 17th 2013
107 – #482 Daryl Boston
108 – #379 John Russell
109 – #387 TR Bryden
110 – #399 Curt Ford
111 – #516 Ted Simmons
112 – #432 Jim Slaton
113 – #233 Russ Morman
114 – #245 Willie Upshaw

Outbound Requests – Oct 19th 2013
115 – #103 Rick Aguilera
116 – #235 Alvin Davis
117 – #93 Jim Leyland
118 – #127 Vance Law
119 – #310 Frank Viola

Somewhere during this process I opened rac pack #3 – we’re cranking right along but there are quite a few that are being set aside to go out with others later in the project. Those are the All-Stars and/or folks that had more than one card released in this set so I am guessing the return rate on those is going to be much worse.

Have currently received back 13 Signed cards for the project.

Only one daily rambling for today as I didn’t stumble upon anything noteworthy and/or didn’t remember to write it down…my bad.

Daily Ramblings
Item #29 – The first baseball game I ever saw live was the Minnesota Twins vs the Baltimore Orioles late in the 1987 season. My sister was in a gymnastics group (The Gym Dandies) that performed in the outfield during an inning break at some point in the game on Saturday. Dad and I left the rest of the family in the hotel on Friday night to catch this game and saw Frank Viola win his 16th game in front of a packed house in the Metrodome.


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