Weekly Update – Couple In/Couple Out

Haven’t had as many responses back as I had hoped over the last couple of days but hasn’t been too bad either.

Lets start with a couple misses…RTS from Wally Backman and a completely expected returned card from Tom Seaver, apparently all my charm didn’t come across in my letter.
48 Backman

425 Seaver

Now for a couple nice successes. They are as follows:

#464 – Butch Wynegar – 10 days
464 Wynegar

#542 – Ricky Horton – 10 days
542 Horton

#387 – TR Bryden – 7 days
387 Bryden

#452 – Dave Henderson – 10 days.
This one is one of my personal favorites. Dave was always one of my favorites growing up for some reason and he’s nothing but class around Seattle and is very active in the community. I am breaking one of my rules with this one as I stated I would not be paying anyone for their autograph but he signed and sent me a request – so I see it as my just donating to the charity he runs, and I’m happy to do it.
452 Henderson

Three requests headed out this week are as follows:

Outbound Requests – Oct 22, 2013
118 – #38 Dennis Leonard
119 – #627 Ken Oberkfell
120 – #97 Glenn Wilson
121 – #163 Kevin Gross

October 23, 2013
122 – #162 Mike LaValliere
123 – #327 Dale Sveum
124 – #726 Frank Tanana
125 – #519 Curt Young
126 – #191 Charles Hudson

Daily Ramblings
Unfortunately nothing of note here with this group – again there may have been something but I have completely forgotten and/or it was less than noteworthy.

Here’s to a full mailbox this afternoon.


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