A Little Catchup

I haven’t posted any updates here in a couple of days, mainly because I have spent the time I have to dedicate to this project on getting more requests out in the mail.  It feels like I have hit a critical mass on requests and, more often than not now, there are responses in the mailbox daily.  Some good, some not so good, but it has motivated me to keep churning with the requests.

I have also hit a spot in my Rac Pack openings where I feel I am going to have to change the rules again – I know, I know I’m a cheater but there are reasons.  They are as follows:
#1 – Doubles – We have gotten to the point where many of the cards coming out of the packs are of players who have already been requested. Total requests now is, I believe, over 150 so I am going to have to start opening up more packs to get the players that still need to go out. I may end up breaking two or three at time to get organized. Not a big deal and something I am sure anyone reading this could care less about but it is worth noting.

#2 – Offseason – Today could potentially be the last day of the 2013 baseball season. Many of the players I am writing to now have jobs as managers, coaches, scouts, etc and the addresses they can be reached at are team and/or stadium addresses. I will be setting aside all cards that are to be mailed out to teams and/or stadiums until around the start of Spring Training. My anticipation on this project is higher than anyone’s however I am not going to send out a card that I know will be sent back because of a seasonal address from a known signer. Need to up my chances a little bit.

And with those changes announced – off to the updates.

Two more of the passed were uncovered over the past week.
#418 – Dick Williams
Ex-Mariner skipper who played for seven teams and managed five others including two World Championships with the A’s in the 1970’s. Some interesting tidbits on Dick we will hit on later in this post but he lived a full life, was a Hall of Famer and died at 82.
418 Williams (deceased)

#115 – Donnie Moore
A much more tragic story to be certain. Donnie was an All-Star relief pitcher for the Angels and, by all accounts, had a great ten year career as both a relief pitcher and pinch hitter. If you followed baseball even remotely in the 80s you are more than familiar with the boot by Bill Buckner in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series vs the Mets. What you may not remember was that Boston played the Angels in the ALCS and was down three games to one, game in Anaheim and they were down 5-2 in the ninth inning – the Angels got to the point where they were a pitch away from the World Series. The Sox put together a decent ninth and scored two runs to narrow the gap to 5-4. There were two outs when Rich Gedman was hit by a pitch and Moore was called upon to close the door with Dave Henderson at the plate. Henderson hit a 2-2 pitch into the bleachers and, although the Angels managed to tie in the bottom of the ninth, Moore stayed in and ended up taking the loss in the 11th inning. His life and career was never the same.
Donnie Moore suffered deeply from depression and in 1989 was engaged in a headed argument with his wife. He ended up shooting her three times in full view of their three children. She was saved by their 17 year old daughter who rushed her to the hospital but during their absence, Donnie took his own life in front of one of his sons.
115 Moore (deceased)

Well that was depressing. Now on to some more recent and some better news – lets hit up the mailbox shall we. Since last we spoke, five cards have come in with autos and only one was returned with a note requesting payment. They are as follows:
#38 – Dennis Leonard
Apparently Dennis didn’t like that some folks were making money off his name so he has started charging. I knew that going in and asked for an exception, none was granted…oh well. He returned my card in under a week anyway.
38 Leonard

#437 Ted Power – 11 days
437 Power

#232 Reggie Williams – 11 days
232 Williams

#127 Vance Law – 9 days
127 Law

#159 Ed Olwine – 14 days
159 Olwine

#544 Zane Smith – 7 days
544 Smith

Unfortunately, my typing skills must suck as I thought I had enough time to get this in before having to leave for work – I did not. I will have to update all of the requests and such here this afternoon. But this gives a good baseline for what I have gotten back in so far. That makes 25 positive returns and 10 RTS and/or refusals…not a bad start.

Alright – unfortunately the mailbox was empty today so nothing new to report on that front – the following are the requests I got out between last weekend and today:

Outbound Requests – October 25, 2013
127 – #408 John Mizerock
128 – #352 Mike Felder
129 – #477 Ken Howell
130 – #567 Greg Mathews
131 – #639 Gerald Perry

Outbound Requests – October 26, 2013
132 – #493 Tommy Lasorda
133 – #104 Billy Sample
134 – #292 Franklin Stubbs
135 – #84 Steve Lake
136 – #759 Louis Aguayo
137 – #170 Bo Jackson
138 – #492 Mike Heath
139 – #444 Jeff Russell
140 – #706 Rick Manning
141 – #669 Bud Black
142 – #63 Fred Toliver
143 – #453 Scott Terry
144 – #67 Bill Swift
145 – #134 Rick Yett

Outbound Requests – October 28, 2013
146 – #39 Marty Barrett
147 – #15 Claudell Washington
148 – #521 Rick Reuschel

Outbound Requests – October 29, 2013
149 – #472 Bill Doran
150 – #558 Greg Gagne

There you have it – need to get more out this week but Halloween is here which means busy time for me and the kids – maybe this weekend.


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