November Results thus far

If only I could access wordpress at work I could update this blog a little more frequently. The returns seem to be picking up and I am getting envelopes in the mailbox almost every day. Here are the results over the last couple of weeks…wow, I am further behind than I thought…here we go.

Only two failures – RTS from #97 Glenn Wilson and #458 Kelly Gruber
Ooops – call that three – check out this note from #399 Curt Ford
399 Ford

Here are the goodies.

#93 Jim Leyland – 13 days
93 Leyland

#209 Rick Schu – 26 days
209 Schu

#525 Phil Bradley – 21 days
525 Bradley

#745 Glenn Hubbard – 68 days
745 Hubbard

#363 Jose Guzman – 29 days
363 Guzman

#453 Scott Terry – 10 days
453 Terry

#558 Greg Gagne – 8 days (one of my personal favorites as a kid!)
558 Gagne

#706 Rick Manning – 12 days
706 Manning

#292 Franklin Stubbs – 12 days
292 Stubbs

#726 Frank Tanana – 17 days with some religious propaganda included
726 Tanana

#635 Ken Schrom – 28 days
635 Schrom

So the incoming cards have kept me rushing home for work and tearing through some envelopes – I have been able to get a number of requests out as well. They are as follows:

Requests – November 2, 2013
Cliff Johnson
Jerry Narron
Kevin Bass
Randy St Claire
John Butcher

Requests – November 5, 2013
Bob Kipper
Rick Burleson
Steve Yeager
Marc Sullivan

Requests – November 6, 2013
Walt Terrell
Steve Balboni
Tom Herr
Jim Traber
Doug Corbett
Rich Bordi

Requests – November 7, 2013
Terry Mulholland
Keith Moreland
Dave Leiper
Max Venable

Requests – November 8, 2013
Bip Roberts
Mike Pagliarulo

There are a couple deceased that I ran across over the last couple of weeks as well but I don’t have that box in front of me and will have to update next time through. I am hoping that work slows down a bit through the holiday months so I can get many more requests out as well as get a little deeper in my updates here. Project is picking up speed and has been a lot of fun so far.

Numbers to date –
36 Received Players Autos (two have sent additional autos as well)
14 Refused or RTS
9 Deceased
1 Checklist
123 Pending (I believe)


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