My Triumphant Return…

OK, so that may be vastly overstating it however, it is nice to be back.

Long story short, I haven’t sent out a request in over 70 days – Thanksgiving with friends, trip with my wife to Mexico for our 10th Anniversary, mom in town for Christmas, bunch of year end work stuff and now, wisdom teeth extraction.  Fun times.

Oh and am in the process of getting a website together for the 15k sports cards I have lying around.  Only 4k uploaded at current but have a look if that is up your alley –

Getting back on the stick today and already have about a dozen or so requests sent out today, I will update those at the bottom.  Here is a quick review of what has come in since last we spoke (returns have significantly diminished without any going out – shocking how that works).

#85 – Kevin Bass – 10 days

Kevin Bass

#289 Bob Kipper – 9 Days

289 Kipper

#635 Mookie Wilson – 31 days – really didn’t expect to get this one back without having to pay a fee, was very happy and surprised (even as a Red Sox fan).

625 Wilson

#638 Rich Bordi – 9 days

638 Bordi

258 Steve Yeager – 10 days, returned with no sig and this note

258 Yeager

#470 Dave Dravecky – 34 days, was very pleased to add this guy to the collection!

470 Dravecky

#195 Mike Pagliarulo – 9 days for the following RTS

195 Pagliarulo

#226 Max Venable – 13 days

226 Venable

#721 Tommy Herr – 14 days and one of my personal favorites growing up – would have loved a sharpie instead of ball point but I will take it!

721 Herr

#327 Dale Sveum – 28 Days

327 Sveum

#103 Rick Aguilera – 32 days – another one I never figured I would get back without sending in some money, very happy to add this one.

103 Aguilera

#24 Tony Walker – 37 days

24 Walker

#526 Terry Mulholland – 14 days for this RTS

536 Mulholland

#322 Chris Bando – 44 days

322 Bando

#66 Marc Sullivan – 20 days

66 Sullivan

#492 Mike Heath – 30 days

492 Heath

#627 Ken Oberkfell – 36 days

627 Oberkfell

#39 Marty Barrett – 32 days – another second baseman and Red Sox alum that I was pretty pumped to get.

39 Barrett

#521 Rick Reuchel – 32 Days

521 Reuschel

#441 Dave Leiper – 25 days

441 Leiper

#233 Russ Morman – 49 days to finally get the RTS

233 Morman

#498 Bob Kearney – 54 days

498 Kearney

#351 Gene Garber – 91 days

351 Garber

#72 Walt Terrell – 30 days

72 Terrell

#58 Thad Bosley – 93 days – thought this one was a waste of an envelope, was pretty pumped to get this one back as he was always a fan favorite in the late eighties!

58 Bosley

#104 Billy Sample – 44 days and accompanied with a very nice note.

104 Sample

#227 George Frazier – 70 days

207 Frazier

#187 Mark Huismann – 100 days with a little Christmas note.

187 Huismann

#253 Eddie Milner – 88 days

253 Milner

#415 Bobby Witt – 91 days

415 Witt

Good chunk of cards and returns there but then again that is two months worth of mail.  I will update another post today or tomorrow with the outbound requests that I have going out this weekend.  Pain meds for the wisdom teeth are both giving me time to get some work done and knocking me on my butt, just have to time it all right.


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