A Little Mailbox Action

Clearly my goal to stay more active and on top of updating the progress on my 1987 Topps TTM Auto project has already gone off the rails – I would make up a myriad of excuses but you don’t care, wouldn’t believe me and would be completely fiction anyway.

I suck at posting and I will try to get better – that is all I can say.  Lets jump in here with some of the good bad and ugly.

Here we go.  A few more gentlemen that are no longer with us, headlined by Hall of Famers Gary Carter and Kirby Puckett.  Will have to get a Kirby auto for the collection at some point in the future as he was such a fan favorite.


You will be missed –
#20 Gary Carter
#602 Gary Carter AS
#9 Gary Carter Glossy AS
#450 Kirby Puckett
#611 Kirby Puckett AS
#19 Kirby Puckett Glossy AS
#41 Bo Diaz
#468 George Bamberger
#730 Eric Show
#748 Mike Flanagan
#221 Vern Ruhle
#344 Joe Niekro
#633 Jose Uribe

And now, on to bigger and brighter things hopefully. Let’s start with the bad news shall we.

#718 – Steve Carlton (18 days – saw that coming didn’t ya!)
#83 – Mike Davis
#163 – Kevin Gross
#562 Bryan Clutterbuck
So those were the four RTS – bad news, there were some returns with the old “you should send me some money for my autograph” requests. Personally, I will take the RTS as I at least get the stamp from the SASE back.

Anyway – here are the dudes that want money and their responses.
#660 – Bob Horner

660 Horner

#352 Mike Felder
352 Felder

#341 Mike Brown (I actually kind of felt bad reading this one and may send him some cash)
341 Brown

#773 Robin Yount (I am more surprised that it took 162 days to get this back from him – not surprised at all that I got the preprint and such)
773 Yount

Alright – now on to the good news. I have been getting a few more requests out so there has been a little more activity in the mailbox but I should have more coming back at this point. Will have to ramp up my requests again in the coming weeks. Here we go…

#782 Brian Downing –
144 days and one of very few returns, happy to get this one.
782 Downing

#62 Bobby Meacham – 7 days
62 Meacham

#709 Dave Kingman – 7 days and one of my favorite mashers as a kid
709 Kingman

#786 Jimy Williams – 7 days
786 Williams

#767 Ron Cey – 7 days and another one of my childhood favorites
767 Cey

#249 Jim Pankovits – 16 days
249 Pankovits

#493 Tom Lasorda – 98 days, was damn pumped to get this one back. I was at the AS Game in Seattle when he got knocked on his ass!
493 Lasorda

#457 Len Matuszek – 11 days
457 Matuszek

#585 Scott Bailes – 14 days
585 Bailes

#122 Jim Clancy – 21 days
122 Clancy

#95 Oddibe McDowell – 21 days
95 McDowell

#192 Cory Snyder – 24 days
192 Snyder

So there you have it – I promise I will try to do a better job of staying on top of this stuff and will at least keep you updated with what is coming in. Since my last post I have sent out another 40 requests but I’m too lazy to go in and type them all in here now – stay tuned for some successes I hope – thanks!

As it stands, right now I have 76 autos returned (plus two extras), 25 RTS or refused, 1 checklist and 18 deceased with about 135 outstanding requests.


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