Insert Standard Excuse for hiatus from Posting Here – But I got Pete Rose!

So the last few months have been filled with chaotic work schedule, hernia surgery, kids going in 100 different directions and such – today is the first day in months where I have actually had the time, or probably used the time more accurately, to sit down and reorganize what is going on with this project.

I knew this would be  a long term endeavor but I didn’t think I would have this much time off either – then on Monday, I found this in the mail.


I really didn’t know what to think.  It was one of those submissions where I really went through the motions assuming that it would either get thrown away or returned with blank cards and a price list.  After checking some online resources at and comparing some of his authentic signatures I believe that this is the real deal.  It defies all logic but I guess we all get lucky here once in a blue moon right.  Have a look at the autos and make up your own mind, but I am tickled pink to have pulled in these cards – course it took about eight months but I can live with that.

As you can likely guess, this has fueled up the tank a bit and I was able to get out about ten requests here this week – hopefully I can keep it up but summer is here so who the hell knows.

Here are the returns – sorry for the poor bookkeeping but I can only guess on the return times – most are between 30-60 days though.  Only one RTS from John Franco which I knew would happen as well.

Thanks for the look and Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!

#434 Mike Fischlin
434 Fischlin

#379 John Russell
379 Russell

#548 Bill Mooneyham
548 Mooneyham

#169 Ron Washington
169 Washington

#203 Mike Kingery
203 Kingery

#374 Glenn Hoffman
374 Hoffman

#107 John Butcher
107 Butcher

#329 Ron Roenicke
329 Roenicke

#332 Joe Price
332 Price

#164 Sammy Khalifa
164 Khalifa


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