This project had basically been on the back burner for the past two years.  Kids sports, work, projects around the house but probably more importantly, I was doing other things with my hobby time – my card collection took a different turn so there were some other areas that were more interesting for me at the time.  It happens.

Nothing to drawn out about this post but a bit thank you to a good friend Matt *aka Chad*  *aka “she is nice”* who messaged me a TTM thread happening over on Blowout cards.  That thread showed others, like me, who were foolish enough to give this whole thing a try.

And with that – I was rejuvenated.  Right now I am staring at nine envelopes that are ready to go out and another half dozen have already gone out this week.

I have reorganized my spreadsheet and I am ready to go.

One change has been made – instead of getting on of the Team Leaders signed by one of the players on them, I am going to attempt (separately) all of the people on the cards.  Many have pitching coaches who I scanned over before but now that I have those names they should expect a letter from me!

I will give you one photo as a representation that hope is never dead –

Not sure exactly how long this one took to get back but it was about two years, give or take

#8 Terry Pendleton

8 Pendleton


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