Slow start – but a start

The returns have been a bit slower than I would have hoped but I did have a week out of town for work so I was delayed in getting out many requests.  The last two weeks have been fantastic as I have gotten out around 120 requests so we should start to see some movement forward (or at least that is what I keep telling myself)

Returns for the week are as follows


In the order in which they were received…

#531 Gene Tenace – returned unsigned (14 days)
#114 Billy Beane – hidden but nice signature and fast! (7 days)
#429 Tim Pyznarski – another fast one (7 days)
#407 Jim Acker – 2/2 with 1988 Fleer (9 days)
#563 John Stefero – quickness continues (7 days)

So not too bad a week – had a couple successes anyway and was able to get a pile of requests sent out.

Current stats are as follows:

  • 37 Deceased (8.06%)
  • 136 Successes (29.63%)
  • 15 Purchased (3.27)
  • 131 Pending Requests (28.54%)
  • 140 Failures (30.50%)

NOTE – all percentages are based upon the cards I have reviewed and entered in my spreadsheet, not to the total number of cards/players/requests that will exist in the set.

All cards can be seen here…


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