June/July – Cheers to a Full Mailbox

It wasn’t the most prolific month in the history of TTM auto collecting however I will consider it a success any time one can average over one auto per day – that will always keep me interested and make me excited to send out more and more requests.

The list of requests that still need to go out in this ridiculously stupid project of mine is getting smaller and smaller and the chances of returns for many of the players gets less and less so there will be a dropoff to some degree – but then there are always other sets to chase as well (you may notice that many of my returns have 1988 Fleer and 1984 Topps cards along with them – that may not be an accident).

Enough blathering out of me, on to the show.

Let’s start with maybe the best/funniest/most interesting day of this project I have had thus far.  I hit the mailbox on June 1st – it’s always nice when you pull four returns, but something didn’t seem right.  The following are the responses I got that day:

#236 Tommy John 0/1 27 days (June 1 envelope #1) – I just find it interesting that a person would take the time to write and return a note asking for money.  Seemingly he would have enough requests where he could/should have a postcard or price list available to quickly throw in an envelope.

236 John


Fergie Jenkins (June 1 – envelope #2)- there is no 1987 Topps card however there is a 1984 Topps card I wanted signed so I figured I would give it a shot (again, no money included) – received his price list (duh) but then, what appears to be an authentic auto on his HOF postcard.  I am no expert but it’s not a stamp and it’s not a preprint – potential autopen but I have never seen on from Fergie.  Screw it, I’m calling it a win.



#652 Terry Forster (June 1 – envelope #3) – it would appear that I sent this request to the wrong Terry Forster (or the right one if you want to count entertainment value) – I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when I saw this.

Wrong Terry Forster


#88 Ed Wojna 1/1 22 days (June 1 – envelope #4) – Ed took a lot of time with this return letter.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I sent him a typed very impersonal form letter for my request – he sent a two page hand written note and a religious pamphlet in return.  It’s safe to say that his faith is a fairly big part of his life.

88 Wojna



Well – that was it.  The rest will probably seem boring in contrast but here are the additional returns of the month (note that these scans are only of the 1987 cards – I will note where others were included as well).

The following are in chronological order in which the were received:


  • #88 Ed Wojna (you saw this one already)
  • #581 and #750 Steve Trout 2/2 42 days – interesting note here, the return address on the envelope was “order my book http://www.stevetrout.com” however the site is dead.  Ooops
  • #623 Kurt Stillwell 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 18 days
  • #456 Tony LaRussa 2/2 (with 1984 Topps) 20 days – one of the all time best signers
  • #503 Larry Andersen 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 24 days
  • #31 Glenn Hubbard 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 17 days – already have the base card but added the Braves Leaders as well.
  • #402 Mike Trujillo 1/1 25 days
  • #696 Gary Lucas 1/1 23 days


317 Hurdle

  • #317 Clint Hurdle 0/1 returned card and sent preprint – the Pirates did just shove it all in their own envelope with postage so the silver lining is a returned SASE



  • #650 Hubie Brooks 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 8 days – I had written off Hubie as it appeared he quit signing years back.  Noticed that there was a recent success on SCF so gave it a shot – nice auto and quick turnaround.  Pretty happy to have this one.
  • #36 Eric King 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 16 days
  • #586 Ben Oglivie 1/1 34 days
  • #455 Mike Boddicker 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 13 days
  • #217 Chris Codiroli 1/1 37 days
  • #336 Allan Anderson 1/1 37 days
  • #22 Doug DeCinces 1/1 18 days – he generally charges so I was pretty happy to see this one signed with no fee or pricelist
  • #647 Tom Lawless 1/1 12 days – former RTS failure so it was nice to update the spreadsheet and see the big swing in numbers
  • #94 Calvin Schiraldi 1/1 19 days – ball point pen auto does not show up well, I can live with that as I have not seen another Schiraldi return in maybe ten years.  I thought this was a complete waste of time so, again, I was quite excited to see this return.


80 Joyner

  • #80 Wally Joyner 0/1 9 days


Now we are into the July Fourth weekend – I’m not going to split this stuff out in another post.  Deal with it.


  • #324 Dave Palmer 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 10 days
  • #424 Chris Speier 2/2 (with 1984 Topps) 34 days
  • #44 Greg Harris 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 56 days
  • #243 Whitey Herzog 2/2 (with 1984 Topps) 10 days – generally charges a fee
  • #401 Billy Jo Robidoux 1/1 44 days
  • #102 Paul Zuvella 1/1 58 days
  • #618 Tom Kelly 1/1 7 days – my dad’s all-time favorite, may have to send off for another so I can pass one along
  • #192 Roger Craig 1/1 11 days – why do most managers sign so well?
  • #584 Ron Kittle 2/3 (signed 1988 Fleer but kept 1984 Topps – he apparently will only sign that one for a donation) 17 days



280 Leonard

  • #280 Jeffrey Leonard 0/1 25 days – I think I may actually shell out for this one.  Pretty damn good cause here.




  • #476 Danny Tartabull 2/2 (with 1988 Fleer) 53 days
  • #176 Steve Buechele 1/1 62 days
  • #420 Will Clark 1/1 63 days – he’s a better signer than I would have guessed but still sporadic – I was a big fan of his as a kid so quite happy with this return.
  • #488 Ray Knight 1/1 64 days – not the best signature there but this is another guy who never signs and I assumed was a completely lost cause.  Another rarity for the collection!


That is all for now – many requests outstanding as you will see below and a lot more work in this set.  Thanks for the look!
Updated Stats:

Deceased – 42 (7.50%)
Successes – 199 (35.54%)
Purchased – 13 (2.37%)
Pending – 143 (25.54%)
Failure – 157 (28.04%)

541 total submissions plus 13 purchases and six checklists

Extras if anyone would like to trade – #229 Birkbeck, #307 Guetterman, #354 Quirk, #462 Fletcher and #585 Bailes

NOTE – the next success is going to be return #200 – who is the benchmark going to be!


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