Some good – some bad – updates none the less

There is still a trickle at the mailbox and I do finally have the completed set checklist put together and aligned with all of the cards I need to (sort of) complete this set…er complete this attempt and see where it takes us.

Some pretty good returns the last week or so – some disappointing however there were no RTS this week so I take that as a good thing.

Here is the show…

exquisite 10006

  • #780 Andre Thornton 1/1 22 days
  • #158 Tim Teufel 2/2 60 days
  • #380 Rich “Goose” Gossage 1/2 30 days – pumped to get this one back without a charge however I got greedy and sent him two cards so I missed on getting the 1987 card signed.  Will have to try again with just the ’87.
  • Tucker Ashford 1984 Topps 1/1 57 days – not part of the project but when I get a card signed for a great set like ’84, I’m going to send it out
  • #556 Marcel Lachemann 1/1 28 days – getting all of the autos on the Team Leaders cards has been fun and challenging.  Shoot, figuring out who is pictured on each one is hard enough – then tracking them down is another challenge.



exquisite 10001

  • #461 Craig McMurtry 2/2 63 days
  • #430 and #597 Mike Schmidt 2/2 23 days – I saw some successes here (mailed to the Hall of Fame) and was pretty skeptical but figured I would give it a shot.  99% certain that the autos are a secretarial as he’s never been a good signer, cards were mailed to HOF and returned from Louisiana and the signatures don’t match those from certified.  Oh well, I guess it’s better than falling into the abyss…sort of.
  • #673 Don Sutton 2/2 44 days – haven’t looked into this one but on it’s face it looks legit – keeping my fingers crossed.
  • #326 Mark Gubicza 2/2 65 days


The mailbox certainly wasn’t stuffed to capacity over the last couple of weeks but there have been a few additional cards scratched off the list – slow and steady wins the race…right?

Until next time…here are the updated stats…

  • 42 deceased (7.34%)
  • 209 successes (36.54%)
  • 12 purchased (2.10%)
  • 146 pending (25.52%)
  • 157 failure (27.45%)

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