2017 Welcome!

Once again I have taken a bunch of time off here – nothing has been forgotten and the project steams forward.  For a time, I had tinkered with posting main updates on different card and autograph forums however there is just not going on with any of those.

From here on out (or at least for the next little while) I plan on focusing my time here to at least have one spot to accurately account for what I am doing.

I don’t want to get too far in the weeds with updates but do want to post a few items that I have picked up over the course of the last few months for your review.


Here is one from today’s mailbox – there have been a few oldies but goodies like this one trickling in recently.  Got this Brian Fisher back today after a nine month wait – my notes advised me not to expect anything back as it had been a couple of years.



These four cards (three envelopes) all came back within the last week.  Since I sent out the Mike Loynd cards, I have picked up three and traded off two of his 1987 Topps cards.  Guess I have one more for the trader list.  Those two took about eight months to get back.

Bob Tewksbury was a bit of a mystery as I had no notes on him.  Had to go back to http://www.startiger.com (one of the sites I use for addresses and tracking) to find that this was one of the first batches of cards I sent out years ago – total turnaround time was 1195 days.  That’s a new record for me – happy to cross that one off the “want” list.

Joe Orsulak – the original submission for him was about eight months ago as well when I tried to get a number of TTMs by typing requests.  The results have been OK but I seem to do far better with personal letters.  248 days to get that one back.


My apologies if these two scans are a little small.  Two of the best deals I have done thus far.  One gentleman reached out to me through eBay of all places – very happy that he did.  We put together an easy trade where I got him a chunk of autos, he sent me a few tougher ones to pick up and some stamps for future mailings.  Just communicated today with him and he’s referring another collector my way for trades – very happy when stuff like this goes down.  Headlining that deal is the Frank Pastore – Frank has passed so his autos are obviously tougher to find.  Not pictured is another Pastore card that he was kind enough to include.

Another chunk of cards was from a great member on the blowout.com card forums.  He reached out after seeing some of my posts.  His family had attended Phillies games when he was a kid and he was still holding on to many cards from this very set – he asked for my needs list and sent a handful of cards.  He wanted nothing in return, just the knowledge that the chase of childhood continued – his cards have found a good home.  Donnie Moore and Eric Show have both passed from the cards he sent along.  They all look great!

The TTM building has taken on a little more life recently and has expanded beyond just the 1987 Topps project thought that is still the priority.  I have also picked up over 50 cards from the 1988 Fleer set and have chunks from 1984, 1985 and 1989 Topps.

I have also ventured into hockey a little bit as that is my personal passion as well as some favorites from football as well.  So you may see a spattering of other bits and pieces here and there.  Examples are below.


Jamie Moyer – TTM



Jim Rice – TTM (shocked this came back without a fee or price list)



Robert Wuhl – TTM (he added “Lollygagger!” per my request – what a guy!)



Shaun Alexander – TTM



Michel Goulet – TTM (I need to put more time into some of my old hockey sets – these are great!)



Dave Christian – TTM

Sent to him years ago when I was working on my 1980 Miracle on Ice project and didn’t get a return.  Pumped to add a USA Gold Medal winner and University of North Dakota Alum to the collection!


Many more to come – thanks for the look!


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