TTM Site Draft Pickup and Mail

If you have not yet checked out I highly suggest using them as a resource for your own TTM adventures.  While I have only been on there a short time I have already picked up a number of cards of need through trading and Private Signings that many of the members there host.

Most recently I participated in a “Make it, Take it – 1987 Topps” draft.  There were seven members (I think) who each sent in ten of their traders from the set.  The host picked first – whomever submitted the card taken was the next pick.  A nice incentive for folks to send in cards that are more difficult to acquire.

The ten cards I received back are as follows (in no particular order):


#91 Harold Reynolds (my first pick)
#113 Neil Allen
#284 John Moses
#303 Juan Berenguer
#388 Geno Petralli
#432 Jim Slaton
#628 Bob Walk
#11T Jerry Browne

All of these cards were needed to some degree – Brown replaced the one I received TTM as mine was smeared pretty badly – this one has a little smudge but much better.  I just liked the John Moses better than mine and there were no other cards I needed at that time in the draft.

Two more



#190 Jim Sundberg

#579 Rick Burleson

Needed the Sundberg and like the Burleson better.

All in all – it was a lot of fun and I think most folks got some nice upgrades to their collections and/or filled some holes.


Now for a little mail over the last week or so.  Only one negative to report, I got one of Paul Molitor this fall and tried to send back two more that I was missing – both were returned unsigned.  I did see that he is now doing a private signing somewhere and is getting like $60 per so maybe the host asked that he not sign anything – he was always pretty hit or miss though from the looks of it.  Will try again in a month or two.

Not 1987 but adds to a couple small projects and I love the goalie pose


Mark Grant – returned both in 13 days


Not baseball but saw that he returns some TTMs and figured I better get a future Hall of Famer in the NBA while I have the opportunity.


Dirk Nowitzki – took 70 days and signed 1/2 – I’ll take it


And my childhood favorite turned around my second request within about a week or so – this time I included $20 though he has yet to cash the check.


Wade Boggs – needed both cards – 2/2 in 11 days


Last but not least I have revamped my progress percentages for the 1987 Topps and Topps Traded sets.  They are both included together in the numbers as follows:

  • 1987 Topps – Need 360
  • 1987 Topps Traded – Need 94
  • Deceased – 56
  • Checklists – 7
  • Failures – 95 (9.96%)
  • Pending – 138 (14.47%)
  • Successes – 314 (32.94%)
  • Purchased/Traded – 186 (19.50%)

So – that means that as of today I have exactly 500 cards I need for the set and have passed over the 50% mark.  There are a number of cards coming in from a couple Private Signings and another completed trade and I have filled the outgoing mailbox the last few weeks – getting a bit tougher to cross of some of the names but I think there will be some positive results to show moving forward.

Thanks for checking in!


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