Snow Day!

This morning my wife and I were lurched into a semi-alert state this morning by (what seemed like) an earth shattering crash to the roof of our house.  Looking back, it may not have been that loud however the snow that continued through the night overloaded the Madrona tree adjacent to our driveway to the point where it split and half plunged into the roof of the garage.  Thankfully there was little to no damage – and I got to spend the morning finding and then using my chainsaw to chop it all up – good times.

Schools cancelled, power out in many areas, roads not nearly worth challenging here in the NorthWest where few people have ideas of how to drive on anything wet or snowy.  I was shocked to see the mail delivery this afternoon – and happy to see a couple pieces.


Carl Lee 2/2 – Nice start to my Vikings side project



Casey Candaele turned these around in maybe two weeks – 1987 Topps Traded and 1988 Fleer



From this weekend

Omar Moreno in a couple weeks – 1985 Topps and 1987 Topps




Kasey Keller – signed 1 of 2 in 78 days.  Local sports hero and nice addition.


Not a ton to add to the collection but nice to see a couple envelopes in the mailbox again.  Up to 502 total cards in the 1987 Topps project!


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