Trade and Private Signing Additions

No TTM responses the last couple of days which is fine – many of the outstanding requests are some of the tougher signers out there so I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to be fortunate moving forward.

Was able to make a trade with a new contact on SCN recently.  Sent him over a handful of 1987 Topps traders and picked up this lot for my 1989 Topps side project.


Mark Lemke, Zane Smith Sandy Alomar Jr and Gregg Olson – nice additions.


Another member on SCN hosted a big signing of Brewers alum.  I am trying to be judicial when spending money on acquisitions as the original intent was not to spend any money however as I get further along it is becoming necessary.  I was able to pick up a fairly large chunk of cards here for less that $10 per all in.  Lets walk through them shall we.


Charlie Moore – knocked two off the 1987 project (unfortunately, I put the package together quickly and failed to notice there is a 1987 Topps Traded I need as well…bummer).  Oh well, two from the 1987 set, one from 1984 and one from 1985 added.



Pile of scans to go through here – doubled up on the 1987 for Jim Slaton as I picked him up in the SCN draft.  Good trader to have as well as a couple additional cards.  Gorman Thomas (nice to get one Mariner card in the mix) and Moose Haas lots as well.

The big two pickups from the signing are as follows:


For the price I couldn’t say know to Rollie Fingers.  He dotted the I right on his mouth which kind of looks odd when you look at a quick glance but sharp looking card.



And end on this beauty from Robin Yount – price was higher than the others but still reasonable for a Hall of Famer.  Very nice addition to the set.

That puts me at 507 total autos for the 1987 Topps TTM set and we keep moving forward.  Until next time.


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