Drabek and a Big TTM Purchase

First things first as there is only one true mailbox success to report.  Doug Drabek signed 2/2 which I received here yesterday.  Turnaround time was about three months on those but nice to add a 1987 Topps and Topps Traded.


Other cards that are shown throughout this thread are all part of a big purchase I made at DJ’s Sportscards in Renton, WA.  This is a must stop shop for locals – DJ is constantly getting different unique items in the door and is the most fair shop owner I have run across.  He treats everyone well – I always have a blast digging through his stacks and stacks of cards.

This time through he had hundreds of TTM or in person autos – I grabbed a bunch for my projects.

Larry Sheets is a ballpoint but is a decent placeholder for now.  1988 Fleer additions of Mike Campbell, Scott Bradley and Ellis Burks.


A few for the 1984 Topps project – Domingo Ramos, Roy Thomas, Ed Vande Berg, John Moses, Dave Hostetler, Steve Lake, Mario Ramires and Doug Gwosoz.


More 1984s of Doug Frobel and Jim Anderson – Art Howe is from the Traded Set (which I didn’t really need but what the heck).  1989 Topps Project additions of Jeff Pico, Curt Wilkerson and Greg Briley.


Nice little pile coming in from the 1985 Topps Set – Ed Nunez, a couple of Ozzie Smith (Sr I believe), Harry Spilman, Alan Bannister, Brook Jacoby, Jack Perconte and Mike Moore.


More from the ’85 set – Lenn Sakata, Donnie Scott, Ramos (double so will be a trader), Howe (trader), Steve Crawford, Pete O’Brien, Dick Williams and Matt  Young


And a pile of misc stuff that just seemed like I should add – Minnesota Vikings collection additions include my all time favorite Viking Anthony Carter and another childhood fave Chris Doleman.  Autos of Rick Mahler and Dan Quisenberry who have both passed – RIP.  Darrell Evans who is a tough get and Don Baylor who I just don’t have and have always wanted – especially in a Red Sox uniform.  And one of the all time biggest dipshits in MLB history Mel Hall – Mel is a tough signer as he’s been in prison for the last ten years and will spend at least another dozen or so behind bars.  Feel free to look him up if you are into stories of complete scumbags.


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