Quality over Quantity

I was hoping for more returns this week however I cannot be upset with the quality of cards that came in.

The three returns that came back this week have all been hanging out for quite some time.  Two over the later part of the week were as follows:


Dave Stapleton took about ten months to get back while Bob Kearney was only seven months out.  The 1987 base Kearney is actually a double so let me know if anyone out there needs it.


These three cards were throwaways – basically thought that I would have to ante up at some sort of Private Signing but ended up getting back one signed out of the three – took about seven months in total but this is like found money in my book.  Don Mattingly – one for three – I will take it.



I did have to send in a little bit of money but for one of the greatest pitchers of all time it was well worth it.  Didn’t get the “Rocket” inscription as I had hoped but I still think they all look great!

Roger Clemens three for three – with a little check as an incentive.



That is all for now – hopefully more to report next week but I am traveling for work and will likely not have a lot of time to get requests out.

Thanks for the look – current progress in the 1987 Topps and Topps Traded sets are as follows:

  • Deceased – 56 (5.87%)
  • Successes – 329 (34.49%)
  • Purchased/Traded – 191 (20.02%)
  • Pending requests – 141 (14.78%)
  • Failure – 90 (9.43%)

Total autos in hand – 520 of 924 total


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