Catchers and Nicknames!

I LOVE the adaptation to this little project of adding on the request for nicknames – what a great and underappreciated part of this game.  Some of my favorite cards and series over the years have been those where the cards are a little more personalized and unique.  Nicknames specifically have been one of the best ways to personalize a card with something more tailored than the scribble that we get sometimes.

At some point here I will have to go through and post all of those that I have received with nicknames added – for now, you only get my weekly additions.

I was out of town on vacation and work for the better part of last week and got no requests sent out – I was hoping for a few more returns in the mailbox when I got home yesterday however Spring Training is always a sporadic event for returns.  Guys like Don Mattingly all of a sudden sign a few and send them back but some of the traditionally easier pickups go unanswered.  Such is life.

Bad news – Neal Heaton sent back my two card request with a note stating autos are $5 a pop.

The rest is all good news.

Hough Charlie Hough

Sent this one off back in October – took a total of 143 days to make it back to me.  I had previously picked up the two cards I need from him in the 1987 set so the 1985 Topps set was a bonus and I figured getting another auto on a 1987 copycat card from the 2013 Topps Archives set was a no-brainer.  Can you smell another side project coming?  Thought so.


Lance Parrish – “Big Wheel”

Finally got Parrish back without having to pay (which I was certainly going to do).  This may be the second or third time I have sent off to him but the first time I ever got anything back.  Put in the pipe dream request to have him inscribe with his nickname and was shocked to see how fantastic these two cards came back.  One instance here where a Spring Training request really paid off.


Carlton Fisk – “Pudge” and “The Commander”

I did pay for these ones – but a donation to support cancer, and one that Pudge overcame no less, is certainly a noble cause.  Again, I am shocked to see how nice these look, especially the 1987.  It really appears that he took his time to get “The Commander” on there and looking good.  There have been a lot of twists and turns to this project and it is certainly costing me much more than I had planned but I am ridiculously happy with these additions to the collections as well as pleased to see the money is going to wonderful causes along the way.  Side note that my company kicks in an additional 2x my donation for every non-profit payment I make – I am going to have to gather the stats on how much money is being raised in this little venture.

Back to work – hopefully I can get more and more requests sent out and that mailbox stays active.

Until next time.


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