Friday Mail

Quick update before I head down to the Seattle Sounders game.  Didn’t think the mail would be here in time – lucky for me it did and there were a couple nice packages in there as well.

exquisite 10001

Lance Parrish 3/3 in a bit over a week (from Spring Training though)

I picked up a couple other nice Parrish cards but only wanted to send two cards in the last envelope – picked up the third 1987 card of his along with a couple others that I needed.



exquisite 10002

Frank Viola 3/3 with some money

I should be happy that I am able to scratch these off the list.  The first game I ever saw featured Frank Viola winning his sixteenth game in 1987 – I sent him a couple requests with no money and got no response.  Finally sent money (a bit more than he asks for) and asked for “Sweet Music” to be added – no go.  And it took a month and a half to get back.  Oh well – that’s all sour grapes – the autos look great and really didn’t cost all that much.  Pleasant additions!

Thanks for tuning in – now I have to head to the post office to drop off about eight more requests!



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