Slow – but Steady

Auto requests really ramped up this spring with mixed results.  Picked up a few that I didn’t expect back and have (seemingly) missed out on a few that I really thought would land in the mailbox.  Oh well – if you never fall down, you never learn how to get back up (at least that’s what I tell my kids).

A few decent additions in the mailbox over the past few weeks – we’ll knock on wood and hope there are a few good weeks to come as the requests have gone out at a decent pace recently.

Williams, Matt

Ooops – I would love to tell you that this is the first time that I have sent a request to the wrong person, alas, it is not.  A Big thank you to the “other” Matt Williams for returning my cards and signing his own for me!


616 Righetti

Dave Righetti #616 

Took about five months to get this one back – signed one of three, marker isn’t great and the corner is banged up but crossing off an AS card is still a good day as those have proven to be much more difficult in general.




Benito Santiago – 1987 Traded #109T and his 1988 Fleer

Had to pay a little bit for these through a Private Signing – sharp looking autos!


I think that is all for the 1987 Project – a lot of what follows was started with a pile of 1989 Topps.  Throw in a few other side projects and here’s the result.


Frank Tanana – 3/3 plus his additional card

1985 Topps – 1989 Topps – 1991 Topps.  Always a quick signer – thanks Frank!



Steve Farr – 3/3 

1985 Topps – 1988 Fleer – 1989 Topps.  Another quick signers – thanks Steve!



Terry Leach 2/2 – #63T and 1988 Fleer

I was wrong (and there is another below) – this is my second request to Leach who turned these two around quickly.




Chris Speier 3/3 – #115T plus 1988 Fleer and 1989 Topps

Always happy to add another 1987 but this one got smudged a little bit.  Oh well, I have reserve stamps and another card plus a few others I would like to get from Mr Speier so another request will have to be sent – so be it.



Paul Mirabella 2/2 – 1985 Topps and 1989 Topps

Always a good day when you get a Mariner auto back!




Ron Kittle 3/3 – 1985 Topps, 1989 Topps and 1991 Topps




Mark Thurmond 1/3 – 1985 Topps

Mark returned the other two cards I submitted.  This is my second request to him but maybe he is down to one card per ask.  We shall see as I have a few more I need from him!




Will Clark 1/1 – 1989 Topps

My favorite of this grouping just because I think everyone on my Babe Ruth baseball team in 1989 wanted to be Will Clark.  We looked really cool with all of that eye black!

Thanks for the look – hopefully more to report soon!

Stats for the 1987 Project as follows:

  • 56 Deceased (5.87%)
  • 337 Successes (35.32%)
  • 191 Purchased/Traded (20.02%)
  • 130 Pending (13.63%)
  • 90 Failure (9.43%)

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