Ryno and the Rest

Not going to dive into the weeds too much with this update – kind of disappointed with how the week has gone as I was really hoping for more.  Oh well, here we are – pickups since the last update are as follows:

exquisite 10001

Bret Saberhagen 3/3 with fee – about two months.

Ok – I am a whiner.  I was quite pleased with this return – took a couple of months but the cards and signatures look great.  Now I am in a better mood.


exquisite 10002

#239 Juan Espino – Private Signing

Another 1987 Topps to cross of the list – fairly reasonable price for a PS and looks nice.


exquisite 10003

Mark Gubicza 3/3 in 11 days

Always a great signer – filled in a few wants from 1985, 1989 and 1991 Topps


exquisite 10004

#252 Denny Martinez – Private Signing

This one looks great so I shouldn’t complain…but…

I had requested this one be inscribed with his nickname “El Presidente” – it was an oversight by the signer and I did get my money for the inscription back – oh well, will just have to get another some day.


exquisite 10005

#688 and #4T – Juan Beniquez – Private Signing

Again, reasonable pricing and the cards look great.  Plus it’s always nice to pick up two from the same player in the set(s) with one submission.


exquisite 10006

John Costello 2/2 in 28 days

I have been pulling out of a box of 1989 Topps which was where this one started out – nice to pick up the 1990 UD along with it.



exquisite 10007

Ryne Sandberg 2/3 in ten days

I finally submitted to Ryno with his modest fee – he signed two and sent back the 1987 unsigned…bah…

Of course I now have to send to him again for the 1987 Project.  Oh well – quick turnaround and well worth it for a player like Sandberg.



exquisite 10008

Zane Smith 3/3 in nine days

Always a quick turnaround and a nice signature – very much appreciated Z (I completely made up that nickname – but I am sure someone called him that at some point).



exquisite 1

Steve Searcy 3/3 18 days

Yep – these are three Steve Searcy autographs – they sure are.



Thanks for tuning in – hopefully more in the mailbox next week.  I also have a few audits and organizational changes I would like to make over the weekend – let’s see if I have any time to do so (my daughter has four softball games tomorrow – these kids are insane!).


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