Gotta Love a Full Mailbox – 5 TTMs Today!

An update post was put together and ready this morning but scrapped – I decided to wait for the mail to come in today to complete this weekly edition.  I am quite happy that I did – five successes today (though none for the big 1987 project).  Starting with those five and working backwards – though it shouldn’t matter much as these all came in this week.


exquisite 10005

Juan Gonzalez 2/2 in 10 days – my second success from Juan.  Quick turnaround including his 1990 UD and 1991 Topps cards – love ’em!



exquisite 10007

Paul O’Neill 1/2 in 39 days – he kept the 1991 Topps but signed and sent back the 1989.  Sharp looking card and a very nice addition.



exquisite 10006

Sherman Corbett 1/1 in two weeks – only card I sent.  Sweet specs.



exquisite 10008

Mike Harkey 2/2 in 18 days – sent these two to the New York Yankees.  Great looking signature and returned quickly.



exquisite 10009

Gary Varsho 2/2 in ten days – 1989 Topps card was worn off a bit in the envelope but happy to add both cards.  The 1993 Topps set may be one I start working on a little more now when I have the opportunity, very sharp looking cards.




Bill Schroeder 2/2 in eleven months – I have since purchased a 1987 Topps for my set but always excited to be able to add my own success instead.  The 1984 Topps looks great as well – love that set!  It’s always an added bonus to get a return after nearly a year!



exquisite 1

Juan Berenguer 5/5 in about ten days – through some trials and tribulations I got my five cards signed by Juan.  This is one that I paid for and ordered through PastPros – the transaction wasn’t perfect but the guys over there have been quick to explain, adjust and compensate – overall, I am happy and will use them again.  Plus I finally got my 1987 Topps Traded Twins card signed by “Senor Smoke”!


exquisite 10003

Joel Youngblood 2/2 in two weeks – I had failed twice before to get Mr Youngblood’s 1987 Topps signed.  Saw that he had a few returns and gave it a shot – fantastic!



exquisite 10004

Steve Rosenberg 2/2 in 11 days – 1989 Topps and 1990 UD.  Thanks for the quick turnaround!



exquisite 10001

Scott Bailes 3/3 in twelve days – second success from Scott.  Some beauties added to the collection here – really love the Fleer cards.



exquisite 10002

Greg Gagne 3/3 in 11 days – another guy with whom I have gotten a few successes.  Two different 1989 Topps and a sweet action shot on the 1991 Topps.


That is all for this week but a nice stack here to add to the binders.  Thanks for checking in and hopefully I will have another update for you on Monday!



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