Happy Friday – 368 day return!

Not too much to add on to my post from this morning – hit the mailbox this afternoon and noticed an envelope that I haven’t used in awhile, sure enough, about a year.


exquisite 10001

Dave Schmidt 2/2 in 368 days – I had already picked up the 1987 for that project however it’s always nice to pull the purchased card to add to the trader box and add my own success – will do that as many times as I can.  Add in a beauty from the 1984 Topps set and you have yourself a winner!



exquisite 10002

Mike Maddux 3/3 in 24 days – sent this one in through the Washington Nationals and Mike turned it around pretty quickly.  Over 50 cards in on the 1989 set, over 100 on the 1988 Fleer set and just getting started on the blue beauties from 1987.


Thanks for the look – heading out to enjoy the sunshine at Safeco Field – go Mariners!


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