Ten Month Wait Returned and More TTMs

Gotta love it when you have long since written off getting something back and you find a stamp you haven’t used in some time in the mailbox – always a lot of questions but fun to tear into.

Not a ton to report here but a few have landed over the last couple of weeks that you may want to review.


exquisite 10003

Art Howe 3/3 in 25 days – I believe this is my second success, maybe third from Howe.  Always great – the 1989 and 1991 are sets you will see a lot of, need to start working more on the 1984 set but have yet to pick up more than the handful of cards I have on hand.  Oh well, I probably have enough here to keep me busy.


exquisite 10006

Frank DiPino 2/2 in 56 days – second success from DiPino.  It’s interesting to see how many of these guys end up playing on both sides of big rivalries – which should tell you that it all means way more to the fans than the players.


exquisite 10005

Bobby Dernier 2/2 in 312 days – another case where I had sent a different request (that was returned to me as not deliverable) and then this came back.  Love the “Gold Glove ’84” inscription!



exquisite 10004

Joe Hesketh 1/1 in 21 days – auto is a bit chunky but what the heck.  It will look good with the rest of the 1989 group.


exquisite 10007

Bob Boone 3/3 in 46 days – the 1985 Topps Father and Son card may be my favorite return from this batch, great looking card!  Nice to add another 1983 Topps to the collection as well – thanks Bob!



exquisite 10002

Bill Wegman – sent 3 and got back 4 plus a religious flyer – all in about a month.  Second return from Bill – thanks!



exquisite 10008

Don Heinkel 1/1 in 21 days – not the greatest looking card or signature but it will fit in the binder.



exquisite 10010

Dave Bergman 1987 Topps #700 – RIP.  A fellow collector sent me a note about this eBay auction as he knew I needed it for my set and, as Dave has passed away, this is not the easiest card to find.  Was able to pick it up for a very decent price.



exquisite 10001

Gary Ward 3/3 in 52 days – love the lambchops on the 1983 Topps card.  Beauty!



exquisite 10009

Eddie Whitson 3/3 in 45 days – pen is a little bit light but, all in all, not to bad.



That is all for today – full mail boxes to you all!



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