Couple Weeks of Mail – COBRA-style

OK – that title makes absolutely no sense from the outside world.  Oh well, there are about three of you actually reading this thing and I’m guessing I could have left the title bar blank and you would have checked it out regardless.  You are all scholars and gentlemen through and through.

Enough blathering and on to the show.  Big mixed bag of stuff here – though I must admit that I need to start sending out more than just baseball – need to get that Hockey and Minnesota Viking collecting rolling a bit more.  Some day when I have more time on my hands.

Here are the cards that have hit the mailbox over the last couple of weeks – one RTS in the form of Jim Acker.  I guess I also tried Clint Hurdle at Spring Training as he was signing a bit and ended up getting the standard 3×5 preprint card as seen below as well.  Those are the two failures.

exquisite 10002


And on with the show, in the (relative) order in which they were received.


exquisite 1

Jerry Reed 3/3 in 9 days – Mariner, sticks his tongue out pitching, sweet stache – all the way around I would call this a great return.  Thank you Mr Reed!



Stu Cliburn 1/3 in 27 days – well this one is probably on me for getting greedy.  Typed a letter instead of writing it and sent three cards instead of the one (1989 Topps) I would have really liked to have.  Live and learn – got one back anyway and Stu has a couple to hand out to kids.

exquisite 10001


Jody Davis 3/3 in 9 days – spent a lot of time as a kid watching these Cub teams on WGN (and of course I was listening to Harry Caray day drink) and Davis was one of my favorites. One of my favorites of the week for sure.


exquisite 10003

Willie Fraser 3/3 in 15 days – all nice autos on set needs.  Devon White has been doing (slowly) some signings so maybe I will send that Fleer in to get them both, maybe.


exquisite 10004

Juan Samuel 3/3 in 14 days – Juan has always been a great signer and continued through this request.  My favorite of the bunch is the ’85 Record Breaker – signature stands out well on the white jersey.


exquisite 10005

Bill Long 3/3 in 15 days – man those White Sox hats with Homer Simpson’s ear on the front sucked.  So bad.  Not many 1987s coming back anymore but got this from the Traded set, one more to scratch off.


exquisite 10006

Clay Parker 3/3 in 12 days – always good to pick up another Mariner!


exquisite 10007

Bill Buckner 2/2 in 11 days – got shut down the first time, sent money the second.  Quick turnaround and didn’t cost much.  Still loses a little bit of luster when you have to send in a check and it gets cashed before you get your cards.  Two iconic sets though.


exquisite 10008

Ken Phelps 1/2 in nine days – nice to get the Mariner card back.  I remember babysitting (yeah, I was a babysitter, so what) and watching the Holman bid for a perfect game when Phelps hit a two out bomb in the bottom of the ninth.  If I recall correctly, he said something like “I didn’t want to be looped for the rest of history as the last out of that perfect game” – plus the Mariners traded him away so I imagine there was a little extra ooomph going in that swing.


exquisite 10009

Dave Parker 3/3 in 11 days – yeah, I paid for these one too through Past Pros but he turned them around in under two weeks and gave me two with his nickname “COBRA” inscribed – really happy with how they came out.


exquisite 10010

Ed Romero 3/3 in 14 days – my second quick return from Mr Romero.


exquisite 10011

David Segui 3/3 in 41 days – happened to see his name as a return somewhere and started digging for a few cards.  It probably took me two hours to find one Mariner card to send but finally did and it turned out awesome.


That is all for now – hopefully more updates to share shortly.


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