Light Week but a couple PastPros Hits

One of my slower weeks in awhile – sent out three PastPros requests awhile back and all three have now made it in.  Thankfully as the last week only had a couple other returns.  Here they are.


exquisite 10007

STEVE BALBONI 1/1 in 19 days – looks like he’s at one per request these days, fine by me but I have a few more I need to send him.  Started with this one as I had been going through the 1989 Topps Traded box and the pose rules.  Nothing like your favorite “The Thinker” look from the dugout.



exquisite 10013

RANDY KUTCHER 1/2 in 18 days – another one from the 1989 Topps Traded box.



And now a couple PastPros returns


exquisite 10012

JUNIOR ORTIZ 3/3 in about two weeks – scratched three big needs off the list on this pickup and the prices were reasonable.


exquisite 10002

CLAUDELL WASHINGTON 3/3 in about three weeks – not sure about the vertical signature but the crew at PP warned me that his returns were a bit spotty and that it may take awhile but he turned them around pretty quicky.


That’s all for now – sent out a couple more today and will hopefully have a little more time this week to fill the outbox.


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