Couple LCS Pickups and a decent Mailbox

DJ Sportscards in Renton is the fairest sports card dealer I have likely ever dealt with.  A buddy of mine had a card shop when I lived in Billings, MT who will forever be my favorite but that card shop no longer exists and I no longer live there so my money now will always start with DJ.  Thank you for always being up front an honest with all of our dealings!

DJ is always getting in collections and always offers fair prices to those selling.  There are a few duds in the TTM/IP bunch from time to time (you will see below) but he is always honest about what he knows and prices accordingly.  As such, I took a swing and a miss at a couple but happy to do the research and dispose of the junk for the price of admission.

Pickups from the first batch earlier this week as follows:

exquisite 10001

1985 Topps Project – Glenn Hoffman, Scott McGregor, Dave Steib and Jaime Cocanower – leaving out the Reggie as it is a bit off and may be one that should be pitched.

1988 Fleer – Luis Polonia.  Added the Higuera as I know he is a tougher signer these days even though I am not working on this subset – good thing as this crappy forgery is headed for recycling.

1989 Topps – Luis Polonia – he does sign through PastPros and I will be sending some business his way but happy to scratch this one and the 1988 Fleer off the needs list.


exquisite 10002

Smaller Projects 1983 and 1984 Topps – Sharp looking Willie Upshaw and a double up with Mario Ramirez.

PC Stuff – Buhner gets added to the Mariners PC while I like the Crawford as it mimics the 1988 Fleer set.  Molitor is always a keeper – I’m a midwest guy so those tied to the Twins will always have a soft spot in my heard.  Bobby Bo – not sure why I like this one so much, hat the set and not a fan of the player but I don’t have one so happy to add it.

Traders – Glenn Davis is already on the way out and Ozzie Virgil.  Grabbed both as I know they are a bit tougher grabs these days and both are from fairly desirable sets.  Virgil can be had for a 1987 Topps Virgil for sure.


exquisite 10003

PC Stuff – Sexson had a few cups of coffee with the Mariners so I will likely hang onto that one.  Jack Morris had one of the best World Series games in history with the Twins, just wish it were at Twins card (or the 1987 Topps card), and Travis Hafner – one of North Dakota’s finest!

Traders – Carney Lansford is always a good addition as is Lloyd Moseby – took a swing on a 3-0 pitch with the Winfield but it appears I popped up on the infield.  A little more research needed but that one could be headed to the recycle bin as well.


Mailbox additions!

exquisite 10006

Billy Spiers 3/3 in 39 days – Billy has always been a great return and a guy with a sharp looking auto – really love it.  Three sets that I am actively working on so happy to get them – 1989 Topps, 1990 UD and 1991 Toops.



Bob Horner 3/3 in eight days – typical to my planning and organization skills, I picked up another 1987 Topps in a deal a few days before getting this.  Oh well, happy to add the 1984 Topps, the #1 Draft Pick from 1985 Topps and my own success from 1987 Topps anyway.  Small fee/donation was paid direct to Mr Horner.


Greg Mathews 0/3 – swing and a miss here.  I have gotten Mathews before but this one came back with all three cards unsigned.  Maybe I misspelled his name or he just didn’t like my letter – bummer.



Doug Jennings 1/1 in 20 days – 1989 Topps pickup.  Huge auto but it actually fits on the card quite well and doesn’t take anything away from the look – really like it.



Leon Roberts 2/2 in 14 days – just picked up another 1984 set at DJs.  I really need to start working on that one a bit more.  Probably my favorite set of all time.


Hall, Albert

Albert Hall 2/2 in nine days – another organizational mistake here as I already have the 1985.  Happy to add the 1989 but no sense in sending a great signer extra cards – my bad Mr Hall but it is appreciated!


Robinson, Brooks

Brooks Robinson 2/2 plus the HOF post card in ten days – he charges a ridiculously small fee for signing.  I sent him a little extra as I am know he is well worth it – signed two Topps Archives cards for me and included the HOF Postcard as well.  HOF 1983 inscription included – easily one of my favorites!  Here’s to you, Mr Robinson!



Steve Balboni 1/1 in 14 days – he only signs one per request but they always look great and he always turns them around quickly.  Again this 1984 set is looking great – love it!


Williams, Jimy

Jimy Williams 2/2 in eight days – another fantastic signer and another beautiful looking signature.  Thank you Mr Williams!


John Kruk 0/2 – Phillies sent back both cards and my unused return envelope which was nice.  Got their little team package and a note stating they would not be passing along my request to Mr Kruk.  Bummer.


exquisite 10007

Jim Acker 3/3 in 12 days – got a RTS from him the week prior, repackaged and sent to new address and turned around quickly.  Great looking cards from three sets I am working on.  Beautiful!


exquisite 10004

Cliff Johnson 2/2 in 12 days – sent a small fee to Mr Johnson with my request, he turned around in under two weeks and they look great.  1985 Topps got smeared a bit at the end but nothing too bad – happy to slide it in the binder.


exquisite 10005

Doug Drabek 3/3 in 11 days – inscribed all three with “My Best!” and all three look great.  For some reason the 1989 didn’t hold the ink as well as it looks a little bit broken (card issue not signing issue) but very happy to get these three from Mr Drabek!


exquisite 10008

Jimmy Key 1/1 in 11 days – Mr Key only signs one card per request but they always look great.  I have sent him a couple times and do not bother with additional cards as the turnaround is fast and he seems to always take care in where/how he signs on the card.  Very much appreciate the effort Mr Key!


Few more pickups from a second trip to DJ’s but those will have to wait for my next post as they are not organized as of yet.  Also only a handful of cards away from 600 total in my 1987 Topps and Traded projects – binder is getting fuller and fuller.  Man that has been a lot of fun!

Thanks for looking and I’ll see you next time!


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