Lumberjack Card

Welcome to the rudimentary blog put forth by an adult typing with two fingers…and yes, I am under 40.  Embarrassing but this is my life.  All typos and grammar mistakes are caused by this iPad and certainly not my education, that’s right, I am pushing blame elsewhere.

Lumberjack Cards is my superhero alter-ego but you can also call me by my birth name, Joe.  Please refrain from using the little “nicknames” my wife has given me as they are not suited for this family inclusive blog.

It’s a story you have likely heard many times.  I collected cards through the 80s in my youth, discovered girls and beer and forgot about them until my mother had enough of these boxes in her house and mailed them back out to me.  What I discovered was that my “retirement fund” as I called it, was not worth the postage she used to mail it to me.  But like many others, it got me reinvigorated in the hobby.

I have been back and collecting (mainly hockey cards) since 2004.  I not have too many PC projects and am working on a number of TTM autograph projects as well.  I will try to keep them organized here but it will likely be a scattered mess.

I appreciate comments and banter as well as any constructive feedback you may have.  Thanks for checking me out, I hope you enjoy my blog.


ebay – timber-9

comc and all message boards – timber09



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